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  • Advantages of Buying a Motorbike Tracker Device

    M otorbike TrackerWhy do you need Motorbike Security?

    The theft of sophisticated motorbikes is on the rise, because compared to cars it is much easier to steal and ride away on a bike without raising alarm.

    Luckily, there are powerful, discreet and budget friendly motor tracker devices available too, that will not only keep a check on your bike’s security but also give you access to information like journey hours, mileage, speed reports and more.

    Powerful motorbike trackers can be installed in your vehicles discreetly, and will instantly inform you and alert police authorities in case the bike is moved without your permission. Plus, accurate GPS and VHF based radio tracking means you can detect the location of your bike within minutes of the theft.

    At VehicleTrackingTech, you can get the best motorbike tracker system installed in your bike by our trained, certified technicians. If you are wondering how to select the best motorcycle gps tracker that offers protection and value for money, here are a few choices that we recommend:

    Road Angel Bike Trac

    Road Angel Bike Trac is a powerful discreet motorbike tracking system that offers real time, remote tracking of unauthorised movement of your bike.

    • Thatcham Category 6 tracking system for motorbikes.
    • Geofencing - It sends alert to your phone or via email if the bike is moved without your permission or outside of a geographical area.
    • The alert will provide you accurate GPS location of your bike.
    • Outside of theft tracking mode, it also gives detailed information of number of miles covered through its journey tracking
    • It will also generate reports on the number of miles covered, breadcrumb trails of areas travelled and the speed at which you were riding.
    • Not just limited to bikes only, the system is only connected to the battery supply and therefore can be used to accurately track and monitor other vehicles like boats, caravans and motorhomes.

    Tracker Monitor

    By the esteemed TRACKER brand, Tracker Monitor is a Thatcham Category 7 tracking system for motorbikes, motorhomes and other vehicles and offers VHF radio tracking with an in-built motion sensor.

    • The advanced tracking system transmits a radio VHF signal when the vehicle is moved without the key.
    • Both the owner and the police authorities are informed to trace the vehicle, which can be detected even if it’s hidden in a container or in an underground parking lot.
    • Having Tracker Monitor installed in your motorcycle also reduces your insurance premium and the protection is offered all across Europe (conditions apply)

    Why Buy Motorbike Trackers from Vehicle Tracking Tech

    You can count on the experience team and Thatcham certified engineers at Vehicle Tracking Tech for the best in service, quality and rates. Featuring tracking and vehicle protection systems from leading, renowned brands in the market, Vehicle Tracking Tech offers nationwide installation at your doorstep and quality and satisfaction second to none.

    Give us a call now at 01274 733633 to secure your motorbike against theft in the UK!

  • Best Plant Tracker App to Secure Your Machinery from Theft

    Plant Machinery TrackersTips on Selecting the Best Trackers for Plant and Machinery.

    Did you know that only 5% out of all plant and machinery equipment stolen in the UK is successfully recovered when there is no tracking system installed?

    Don’t let this happen to your business.

    We know and realise that plant machinery, heavy-duty equipment and plant material is a valuable investment for your business. That’s why we have listed down the best plant tracker device, security solutions and plant tracking systems on our website that can protect items from your plant and machinery and ensure fast and accurate recovery in case they are stolen.

    Plus, our Thatcham certified engineers will install these tracking systems to your plant on site with expert precision.

    Here are our top picks when it comes to accurate plant machinery protection through powerful sophisticated and technologically advanced trackers:

    Tracker Retrieve

    This is a small yet ultra powerful transmitter that can be attached to the machinery discreetly and keeps the equipment secure by transmitting VHF signals. These signals can be detected even if the machinery is in a shipping container or underground parking. Plus, battery powered Tracker Retrieve comes with its own battery that lasts up to 5 years. It’s insurance approved and recommended by police.

    Tracker Plant

    Exclusively designed for construction equipment and agricultural equipment, Tracker Plant not only offers stolen vehicle tracking features but also comes with fleet management, driver activity monitoring, and running hours tracking. You can use the fleet management reports and servicing alerts to optimise your business processes and the VHF, GPS and GSM technology ensures that the plant machinery is recovered in the fastest time in case it gets stolen. Pan European coverage, geofencing, online Tracker website access, and support by all UK police forces included (conditions apply)

    Trafficmaster Trackstar TM470R

    A tried, tested and trusted choice in plant trackers is the Trafficmaster Trackstar TM470R whose rugged design and advanced functionality makes it ideal for agricultural, heavy-duty machinery. Aside from GSM based location tracking in real time, it offers hours capture to increase productivity, geofencing capabilities and on-the-go protection with Trackstar App for iOS and Android.

    Masternaut MT1200

    If you’re looking for a plant tracker that delivers the best results in all kinds of environment and the toughest of weather conditions, the powerful MT1200 is the best choice. It is best deployed on plant equipment that you intend to leave idle for longer periods of time and ensure round the clock security. It comes with super sensitive GPS technology, rechargeable battery, built in motions sensing and superior cellular quality as well.

    Masternaut MT700

    While this plant tracker cannot be recharged, it comes with a 7 years battery lifespan, and is ideal for vehicles that may be sitting idle for a long period of time. The tracking and communication device has GPRS and GSM connectivity, rugged design that will survive the most difficult of workout routines, built in motion sensor and cellular antenna included.

    Big Change Asset Watch

    Track, locate and monitor your equipment and machinery through this all-in-one solution exclusively designed for businesses on the go. Protect your plant equipment from theft and misuse and get live traffic updates, SMS updates, number of hours logged and more through a web-based application.

    Other great tracking systems for your plant and machinery include the powerful and custom designed VTT 990 Informer and VTT5000 Fleet Trailer Tracking. Both of these come with exceptional fleet management capabilities and real time journey tracking to save fuel and avoid driver negligence. You can also check out the full range of plant trackers and machinery tracking devices here or give us a call on 01274 733 633 for free help and advice.

  • Thatcham Approved Car Trackers

    When you invest in a vehicle, the risk of losing it to theft, unfortunately, comes with it. The higher the value of your car, the more are the chances of theft and the bigger will be your financial loss.

    Are you sure that your vehicle won’t be stolen? And if it is stolen, what are the chances of you finding it?

    Protect yourself against Vehicle Theft with a Thatcham Approved Tracker

    More than 100,000 vehicles are stolen every year in UK alone. The best bet to protect your vehicle against theft and ensure its speedy recovery in case it gets stolen is installing a Thatcham Approved Car Tracker.

    Why Get a Thatcham Approved Tracker?

    Thatcham is the industry gold standard when it comes to theft protection devices and vehicle security systems. For more than two decades, Thatcham has been testing and approving vehicle protection and security system through a rigorous procedure of stringent testing. Thatcham is the leading authority in the automotive industry when it comes to vehicle trackers and when you buy a Thatcham approved tracker, you can be assured of its safety, efficiency and accuracy in results.

    What will a Thatcham Approved Vehicle Tracker Do?

    Tested and approved to perfection, Thatcham approved vehicle tracking systems bring you peace of mind with a number of additional features and functionality, including:

    • Reduced risks of vehicle theft
    • Higher chances of vehicle recovery in case of theft
    • More control over vehicle location
    • Decreased insurance premium
    • And much more!

    How to Get the Right Thatcham Approved Tracker for Your Vehicle?

    It’s always advisable to get your Thatcham approved tracking device installed by a Thatcham certified engineer. This is because if the device isn’t installed properly, it won’t be as effective when it comes to protection. Wrong installation can also damage the internal wiring of your vehicle and cause malfunctioning.

    At VehicleTrackingTech, we have a team of Thatcham certified professional engineers who can install leading Thatcham approved tracking devices from Tracker, Cobra, Trafficmaster and more. All available for installation at your home or place of work. Plus, we can help you select the right tracking system by comparing features so you buy the one that best fits your budget and your personal or business needs.

    Call us now at 01274 733 633 for advice and information on the best Thatcham approved trackers by renowned manufacturers.

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