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  • Keep one step ahead of the thieves with a vehicle tracker

    Car & Vehicle trackers fitted throughout Northampton, Nottingham, Derby, Stoke-on-Trent and nationwide by Thatcham Approved installers from Vehicle Tracking Tech

    While car owners are finding vehicle theft is on the increase year on year the theft of a lorry is an even greater loss especially when its contents are stolen with it.


    A recent example of this kind of crime was the theft of a refrigerated trailer with over £200,000 worth of Toblerone chocolate and though the trailer was recovered and the thieves arrested the chocolate was long gone. Taking the biscuit!

    Another such example was the theft of a trailer, later recovered, with £20,000 worth of biscuits from the factory they were made in!

    It goes without saying that lorry owners need to up the ante when it comes to protecting their vehicles and the merchandise being transported.  For a comparatively small investment the fitting of a vehicle tracker device from Vehicle Tracking Tech could do more than just ‘save your bacon’; in some cases it could mean the difference between staying in or going out of business.

    A vehicle tracker is a cunning device which when secreted within the vehicle will give lorry and contents an enhanced level of security that puts the owners back in control with features including:

    • GPS, GPRS, GSM & VHF
    • Free Global Telemetrics (Android/Apple App)
    • Thatcham approved installers
    • Thatcham Cat5 incorporates high tech features including motion warning + battery disconnection and a geographic ‘ring fencing’ option
    • Separate key & tag to ensure that if one of them is taken the system is activated
    • Uniformed guard to stay with vehicle until it and owner are reunited (UK only)
    • 24/7 monitoring
    • 12/24V compatible
    • 1-3 year no quibble guarantee covering parts & labour

    Whether your business is in Northampton or Derby, Nottingham or Stoke-on-Trent, we at Vehicle Tracking Tech have engineers that cover the country and can fit a vehicle tracker throughout your area at your convenience.  With notification of the lorry theft transmitted to both owner and authorities via a control centre the thieves will find themselves one step behind – what a refreshing change!

    Whether the vehicle and its contents are kept in the open, within a building or even below ground your vehicle tracker will transmit its whereabouts within seconds of its removal giving the best possible chance of recovery. Let Vehicle Tracking Tech help you stay in control of your business by contacting us for a no obligation quote.

  • Car tracker systems fitted throughout the Midlands

    Car tracker systems fitted throughout the Midlands in Leicester, Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton & West Bromwich by Thatcham Approver Installers from Vehicle Tracking Tech.

    Vehicle Tracking Tech gives peace of mind guaranteed!

    We in Britain have had a love affair with our cars for decades and understandably so for they afford us both freedom and flexibility helping to make our lives a little easier.  It follows that we are naturally concerned to ensure their security and with every passing year this becomes increasingly necessary.  Each year there are a staggering 1.5 million vehicle related thefts – almost 20% of ALL recorded crime.  We need to remind ourselves that car thieves treat it as their job and as they get better at it we need to respond.  What’s needed to ensure this is a car tracking system. That’s where our company Vehicle Tracking Tech comes in.

    As brilliant as it is simple a car tracker fitted by Vehicle Tracking Tech comprises a tracking unit which is located within your vehicle in an undetectable place leaving the would-be thief blissfully unaware of its existence.  However, if the thief should take the vehicle the car tracker immediately springs into action informing you and the police nationwide of its whereabouts. Whether the vehicle is simply driven away or hidden in a building the car tracker will communicate its whereabouts instantly.  If it is moved in the slightest the car tracker’s motion  technology will begin beaming its location to the control centre meaning that even if it is mounted onto a low loader the same applies – now that’s clever!

    Neither is taking the vehicle abroad an option for the thieves since a car tracker fitted by Vehicle Tracking Tech operates globally so there’s nowhere to hide for thief or vehicle.

    Car tracking systems offered by Vehicle Tracking Tech come with either Thatcham Cat 5 or 6 accreditation. Cat 5 includes the provision of separate keys and tags which are designed to be kept on the owner’s person but in different places from each other.  Should the key be separated from the tag by any measurable distance the car tracker will alert the control centre and then both you and the authorities and lead to a swift recovery.

    We at Vehicle Tracking Tech have an unrivalled record in the supply and installation of car tracking systems to suit all budgets and, with a nationwide distribution network, including the entire Midlands region from Birmingham to Leicester and Wolverhampton to Coventry, can ensure one is fitted at a time and place to suit you. Each car tracker is guaranteed for 1-3 years via a no quibble parts and labour warranty.

    Isn’t it time you took as much care of your vehicle as you do of your house and your family?  Give yourself the peace of mind that a car tracker from Vehicle Tracking Tech can provide.

    Please contact us for a no obligation quotation.

  • Let Space Age technology take care of your prize possession

    Vehicle TrackingHigh value vehicles have long been a target for thieves and amazingly they can spirit a vehicle away abroad in no time but what if a device hidden inside knew when that happened and was able to communicate the fact to the authorities as well as to you? What if this device even knew when the vehicle was been hoisted onto a low loader and could pinpoint its precise whereabouts at any given moment enabling the police to track it and retrieve it anywhere in the world?  This is no longer a pipe dream with Vehicle Tracking Tech.

    We all value our nearest and dearest and do everything we can to protect them in our uncertain world; we fit alarms to our houses to protect them too.  Many of us do the same with our vehicles but thieves who make it their business to steal them always seem one step ahead – until now!  Adapting the space age technology that has given us satnav the vehicle protection industry has developed tracking technology that puts the ball firmly back in the owners’ court and we at Vehicle Tracking Tech have the perfect car tracker to suit you.

    Using GPS/GPRS/GSM and VHF Vehicle Tracking Tech systems know where a vehicle is at any given moment enabling a swift recovery and within the UK we even send a guard to stay with your vehicle until you arrive to collect it!

    The car tracker is available with either Thatcham Cat 5 or 6 accreditation with Cat 5 incorporating top rated tech including a battery disconnect feature and a facility which enables you to ‘ring fence’ a geographical area so that once the vehicle is taken out of this notification via the car tracker is immediate.  A separate key and tag are provided to be kept on your person in different places.  Once either of these is taken away from the other beyond a narrow distance band the car tracker will give you instant notification. The 12/24 volt compatible equipment is fully guaranteed for one to three years with a no quibble parts and labour warranty and is fully transferable (depending on manufacturer).

    We operate a nationwide fitting service at a place and time to suit you including everywhere in the London area from Barnet to Morden, Amersham to Upminster; we leave nowhere uncovered, so why not ask Vehicle Tracking Tech for a no obligation quotation for a car tracker and help us help you to combat the theft of your vehicle and give the thieves a run for their money!

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