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  • The best car tracker for your Audi

    Best car tracker for your AudiInstall the best best car tracker for your Audi and protect your investment with a car tracker from Vehicle Tracking Tech.

    Among the most sought after cars on the market today the AUDI with its distinctive logo of four interlinked rings is near to the top with its wide range of models from the A1,2,3,4,5,6,7 to A8 plus the Q1,2,3,5,7 range and the news that the A3 Sportback with its innovative plug-in hybrid technology has been named 'Best Family Car of The Year 2017' by WhatCar? magazine.

    Unsurprisingly the A3 starts at almost £20,000 rising to well over £40,000 while the entire range begins at a ‘modest’ £14,000 rising to an incredible £130,000+. With our cars costing nearly as much today as our houses we are becoming even more aware that we must do all we can to protect them from the unscrupulous car thieves who make it their business to part us from our prized possessions. The models they favour is simply dictated by demand so we need to protect every one of them, though recent statistics show that the Audi S3 is the most stolen car in Britain with almost one S3 in every 100 ending up stolen by car thieving gangs. National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service figures show that 75,600 cars were stolen in England and Wales last year, a nine per cent rise over 2014 and the first increase in car thefts since the 1990s. The theft rate for the S3 was the highest of all, with 8.6 in every 1,000 cars – or just under one in every hundred – stolen throughout 2015 as thieves increasingly target expensive vehicles. See also: Is your car the most stolen model in England and Wales?

    These shocking statistics give us much pause for thought about what we can do to combat these thieves. The 21st century way of doing that it to fit a car tracker whose brilliant state of the art Thatcham accredited VHF technology, including GPS and GPRS, springs into action the moment your car is driven away by thieves. Hidden within the car in an undetectable place the car tracker will communicate its whereabouts instantaneously to the control centre, the police and to you giving the best chance of retrieving it before it is either broken up for spares or spirited abroad.

    Going on holiday to Europe or further afield? No problem since your car tracker will function just the same wherever you are. There is no doubt that fitting a car tracking device ensures your car is protected in the best way available. Additionally, most insurance companies will reduce the cost for including car tracking systems as part of your security measures.

    With many years of experience and with a nationwide fitting service we at VTT (Vehicle Tracking Tech) can provide the widest range of car trackers at the keenest prices you can find anywhere and we urge you to contact us as soon as possible so that we can help you keep your Audi yours!

  • Best tracker for Jaguar

    Best tracker for JaguarThere can be few vehicles on the road that are most instantly recognisable than a Jaguar; its sleek lines and gorgeous curves have made it one of the most desirable cars of all time. With prices ranging from £30,775.00 for the entry level XE through the XF and and F Type Sports models to well over £60,000 for the XJ Luxury and with the I-Pace Concept, the first ever Jaguar all electric 5 seater sports car waiting in the wings, it is small wonder that car thieving gangs seek them out too.

    Despite the introduction of keyless cars which one would have thought made car thefts less likely a recent report showed that “Thieves are finding clever ways to bypass electronic locking systems. A recent Sky News investigation found that nearly half the 89,000 vehicles broken into in London in 2013 were stolen through ‘keyless theft’, where the car is hacked electronically so it can be driven away without any need for the key. And just last week, the Met Police launched Operation Endeavour in response to a rise in theft of motor vehicles, believed to be the result of the increase in organised criminals stealing keyless vehicles using a device which bypasses the vehicle’s electronics”.

    Therefore ‘passive’ methods of protection like wheel clamps, security posts and alarms are no match for the determined professional car thief so what can be done to stop your car being stolen, never to be returned? The answer today is to have a car tracker fitted which, with its VHF/GPS and GPRS Thatcham accredited technology guarantees that its every move is tracked and communicated to the control centre then the police and you.

    This clever device, which can even result in lower insurance premiums, is secreted within the vehicle in such a way as to be undetected by the thief but will respond as soon as the car is taken away unbeknown to you. The car tracker’s signals will be beamed to the control centre alerting them and setting in motion the recovery process.

    Being able to ‘ring fence’ the precise area outside which the car tracker springs into action is an incredible advantage leaving the thief with a trail they cannot cover. The car tracker will operate just the same way whether the vehicle is stolen in the UK or abroad so for the thief there really is nowhere to hide!

    Give your fabulous Jaguar the protection it deserves by contacting Vehicle Tracking Tech (VTT) for the widest range at the keenest prices plus an unbeatable nationwide fitting service to ensure fitting can be effected wherever and whenever you wish it.

    Take a look at the Trackstar range of vehicle trackers which are recommended by Jaguar.

  • The best vehicle tracker for your motorhome

    best vehicle tracker for your motorhomeWith motor homes becoming an increasingly popular way of holidaying for families, finding the best vehicle tracker for your motor home is an important part of protecting your investment. Today a typical 4 berth motorhome commands an average price of around £40,000 with a 6 berth priced from £50,000 and beyond. Along with its increasing popularity is the alarming number of motor home thefts. One such example is the theft of a 2016 Burstner from the war cemetery in Anzio, Italy (

    How awful that would be for people enjoying their foreign holiday to come back to the car park and find their ‘home’ gone, leaving them stranded. However, recent figures show that the number of motorhome thefts is going down due to the increasing popularity of fitting motor home trackers in them.

    A motor home tracker is an ingenious 21st century piece of kit which will give your motorhome the protection it deserves and is the next best thing to employing someone to guard it around the clock. I was amazed when I watched a video of a static caravan being retrieved the same morning it was stolen since its tracker had been fitted 5 years before, was battery operated and had never had to be activated before; that’s how effective they are!

    Forget the ‘passive’ protection of wheel clamps and security posts because if you want to be sure your investment is totally protected there is only one choice: a Thatcham accredited Cat 5 or 6 motorhome tracker with built-in VHF GPS/GPRS technology. The moment anyone removes your motorhome without your permission the motor home tracker will be activated alerting the control centre who will in turn notify the police giving the optimum chance of recovery at home or abroad and can even help reduce the cost of your insurance.

    We at Vehicle Tracking Tech (VTT) have years of unrivalled experience in fitting vehicle trackers to all types of vehicles, including motor homes so for the widest range, keenest prices and countrywide fitting service at a time and place to suit you call us for a quotation for a motorhome tracker and help ensure your motor home does not become part of the stolen motorhome statistics!

  • The best gps van tracker

    The best gps van trackerAt Vehicle Tracking Tech we offer nationwide installation of the best gps van tracker to meet all your tracking and security needs.

    Your van is your livelihood and while you may take the sensible precaution and remove any tools you use in your job from it how do you protect the van itself? Well you can:

    • fit an alarm
    • fit wheel clamps
    • fit security posts on your drive or in front of your garage
    • fit a steering wheel lock
    • have the windows etched with the number plate details

    However, while these measures may very well deter the casual thief unfortunately they will not stop the determined gang who steal vehicles to order. Shockingly Amazon was blasted for selling a tool that can be used for breaking into transit vans without any damage and which unsurprisingly lead to a big increase in thefts!

    What you may very ask can be done when vehicle thieves are so hell bent on taking your property. Thank goodness there is an answer: fitting a van tracker. A van tracker is a small but brilliantly simple and highly effective device that is hidden within the van in an undetectable place and which will beam the van’s whereabouts at any given moment via its GPS/GPRS/VHF Cat 5 or 6 Thatcham accredited features.

    No matter how the thief may try to conceal the van from view, above or below ground the van tracker will know where it is and no surrounding material whether steel or concrete will prevent its signals reaching the control centre with that information being passed on to the police and to you giving the best possible chance of a speedy recovery. In many cases, it will likely lead to reduced insurance premiums. We at Vehicle Tracking Tech with many years of experience in fitting van trackers throughout the country have the widest available range at prices to suit all budgets. We can provide a no obligation quotation and arrange a time for fitting wherever and wherever you require it. Isn’t it time to take back control of your property and prevent your valuable asset from being part of the ever mounting statistics of stolen vehicles? Contact us without delay and let us help.

    Click here to view a list of our most popular Van trackers.

  • The best coach tracker

    The best coach trackerFinding the best coach tracker isn’t easy. It is also likely that coach operators think that unlike cars, vans and even HGVs, coaches are outside the possibility of being stolen. Well think again, for they are equally vulnerable to vehicle thieves who are not fussy about what they steal for they are always assured of a ready market.

    With a number plate change and a quick spray job your coach could soon be earning money for someone other than you! Unless, of course, you take steps to prevent it by letting Vehicle Tracking Tech fit one of their huge range of coach trackers that, with their GPS/GPRS/VHF Thatcham accredited systems will know and transmit the coach’s whereabouts on a 24/7 basis if it is moved without your permission.

    Coach trackers are today’s response to the modern day vehicle thief who is unfazed by wheel clamps, security posts, alarms and the like and, because it is hidden within the vehicle in a place they will be unable to detect making it a secure way of combating the would-be thief. With coach trackers designed with your vehicle in mind and at a price that is within any coach owner’s budget Vehicle Tracking Tech can fit one at your convenience wherever you are in the country so let us take away any anxiety you may have about losing your coach. Coach trackers may not be able to stop a thief siphoning off a coach’s diesel but they’ll not be able to take the prize! Contact us soon for a free no obligation quotation.

    To make it easy for you, we've selected our best trackers for use with coaches.

  • The best vehicle tracker for your bus

    Recently I read an incredible story about how someone managed to ‘sell’ then steal four locomotives, 30 wagons and nine coaches over a two year period.

    Needless to say that the buyers never received any of the items but Barry Daly a.k.a ‘The Fat Controller’ made a cool £40,000 from his thefts though presumably he wasn’t able to take it with him when he went to prison!  The story illustrates that nothing is ‘off limits’ to the canny vehicle thief and that includes buses. Commanding high second hand prices a bus is as attractive to the vehicle thief as any other item.  Bus operators will be keen to know what they can do to protect their treasured investment.  The answer is beautifully simple: a bus tracker secreted within the bus in an unobtrusive place so that the thief will be blissfully unaware that the very moment he takes off in it he’ll not be on any ‘busman’s holiday’ but will instead be monitored and the location he is at will be pinpointed by the bus tracker at every given moment. VHF/GPS/GPRS Thatcham accredited bus tracking systems emit signals that are traced by the control centre and passed on to the police and they will be on the case and be able to catch the thief wherever he may be, including abroad.  Whether he tries to hide the bus within or even under a building the bus tracker’s signal will still ring out loud and clear.  With years of experience we at Vehicle Tracking Tech have a range of bus trackers to suit every budget coupled with a no-nonsense guarantee and a nationwide fitting service at a time and place to suit you.

    End your fears for your valuable and valued bus by contacting us at your earliest convenience so that we can take the strain away by fitting our state of the art bus tracker giving you the ultimate in bus tracking protection!

    Take a look at our range of vehicle trackers recommended for buses.

  • The best tracker for your Land Rover

    With their beautiful yet robust looking lines and instantly recognisable shape Land Rover cars are among the most iconic vehicles ever produced with a pedigree that goes back to 1948 and the car is understandably on many people’s dream wish list. Land Rover’s New Discovery and Discovery Sport are set to be among the sought-after vehicles of 2017. Regrettably however, there are people out there as eager to deprive you of it as you are to keep it. Two years the Guardian newspaper reported ago that ‘the number of cars stolen in England and Wales rose by 9% in 2015, with 75,656 incidents reported by unlucky motorists’ going on to say that the Land Rover Defender is one of the top three stolen cars . See Is your car the most stolen model in England and Wales?

    The report continued ‘The surge in thefts of Land Rover Defenders prompted the insurer NFU Mutual, which focuses on farmers, to urge owners in April to be more security savvy. Claims from its customers following thefts of Defenders rose to £1.8m in 2015, an increase of 8% over 2014’. Dr Ken German, a director at the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators pointed out that since “most don’t have the security systems that come as standard on modern cars, you can see the attraction for criminals.”

    21st century car thieves need 21st century technology to challenge and slash the thieves’ chance of success and that comes in the shape of a car tracker. With GPS/GPRS VHF satellite capacity these Thatcham Cat 5 or 6 accredited car trackers which are carefully hidden in the most undetectable parts of the car will track its every move and instantly communicate with the control centre and police should a thief attempt to steal and drive away in it. GPS car trackers are the state of the art response to today’s car thieves giving the best ever chance of assuring a safe return of an owner’s pride and joy whether at home or abroad.

    For a tiny fraction of the cost of the car a GPS car tracker gives peace of mind other methods of protection simply cannot match and in many cases can even reduce your insurance costs. We at Vehicle Tracking Tech (VTT) have a long history in fitting car trackers and with the widest possible range, the very best prices and a nationwide fitting service included in the price, VTT is your obvious one stop shop for the ultimate car guardian so call us without delay and together we can beat the car thieves at their own game!

    Check out the Trackstar range for a vehicle tracker that is fitted as OEM equipment in Land Rovers.

  • The best vehicle tracker for Range Rover

    The best vehicle tracker for Range RoverWith its classic ‘country’ look the Range Rover is instantly recognisable the world over. Starting with the Evoque at a ‘modest’ £30,600 via the Range Rover TDV6 Vogue to the amazing SVR SPORT Autobiography Dynamic at an eye-watering £132,000+ Range Rovers are an investment of major proportions and it goes without saying that you want to keep it as much as the car thieving gangs that operate all across the country want to deprive you of it.  Three models of Range Rover car now appear in the 'Top 10 Most Stolen and Recovered' table.  In February 2016 The Daily Telegraph reported that “It is a risky time for Range Rover as three models of the car now appear in the 'Top 10 Most Stolen and Recovered' table with the Vogue in third and Autobiography in ninth. The Range Rover Sport was the most stolen and recovered vehicle in 2015 thanks to keyless entry and ignition systems, according to a new report.” At that time it went on to say “The 4x4, worth from £62,000 to over £84,000, managed to knock the BMW X5, worth £44,500 to over £65,000, off the number one spot which it had held for six years”.

    In case you have been puzzling as to how best to protect it; whether to have wheel clamps to use each night or fitting posts on your drive or in front of your garage consider this: nothing can prevent the skilled car thief from taking your vehicle!  This is a sobering thought but it is a fact.  However, there is a way to stop the thief from keeping it from you and that is by having a car tracker fitted.  This state of the art Thatcham accredited device with VHF/GPS or GPRS technology is hidden in the vehicle and will advise the control centre, the police and you the instant it is driven away by a thief.  Whether you are at home in the UK or abroad on business or on holiday your car tracker will communicate its precise location at any given moment affording the optimum chance of recovery.

    When you have bought yourself the best vehicle you can you need the best car tracker to protect it and we at Vehicle Tracking Tech (VTT) have the broadest range at the very best prices, coupled with a nationwide fitting service designed to ensure it can be fitted at a time and place to suit you.  Most insurance companied will also offer reductions in premiums when they know a car tracker is fitted.

    You owe it to yourself to be as discerning about vehicle protection as you have been in your vehicle choice so phone us without delay for a no obligation quotation for a car tracker so we can help you keep what’s yours, yours!

    The Trackstar range by Teletrac represents the best vehicle tracker for Range Rover. Trackstar is also the manufacturer approved tracker for Range Rover.

  • The best tracker for your plant & machinery

    The best tracker for your plant & machineryAn alarming report from The National Plant and Equipment Register recently exposed how plant & machinery is becoming a preferred target for thieves. It found that “The recovery rate for stolen plant and equipment is less than 5%. 95% of equipment that is stolen every year, year on year, is not recovered”

    The reasons given for this worrying trend is that the Government has given no measurable target in relation to plant and machinery theft to Police Chief Constables coupled with the fact that penalties handed out are insufficient to deter criminals while rewards are high. Shockingly even moving such equipment from one police force area to another can be enough to guarantee the thieves can get away with it. This is because “There is little incentive for Chief Officers to become involved in investigating crimes which are both not a priority and which involve other police force clear-up rates”. National statistics show that there were 12,541 UK thefts of plant in 2010 with numbers well up on that in the ensuing years. 2,259 of them were JCBs, the number one stolen item, up an eye watering 66% on the previous year! Plant & Machinery theft cost the UK construction industry a staggering £800 million in 2014.

    Faced with the apparent disinterest on the part of the authorities and the rising incidence of this type of theft what can the concerned owner do, particularly considering that most such machinery is kept outside on sites, often far from the public’s eyes? Fortunately, the answer is as brilliantly simple as it is simply brilliant: the fitting of a plant & machinery tracker. A plant & machinery tracker is a 21st century response to the 21st century vehicle thief who makes it their job to deprive owners of their valuable plant. Secreted within the very guts of the equipment a VHF GPS/GPRS Thatcham accredited plant & machinery tracker will monitor its whereabouts on a 24/7 basis, notifying the control centre if the equipment is moved without the owner’s knowledge. This information is then passed on the police and the owner giving the best possible chance of an early recovery. Additional features include motion sensing enabling the tracker to kick into action if the equipment is mounted onto a low loader; geographic plotting which sparks the tracker into life should it is taken out of a specified area and even state of the art immobilisation. Perhaps the most amazing feature that has recently been incorporated into the system is ADR (automatic driver recognition) which protects your vehicle from keyless car theft and key cloning. This is the ultimate in protection as the device can be configured to alert the owner of unauthorised movement of the vehicle when the card is not present or by rendering starting the vehicle an impossibility altogether.

    The effectiveness of these devices was shown recently when a tractor that was stolen from a cricket club was returned the same morning due to the tracker that had been fitted. We at Vehicle Tracking Tech (VTT) have many years experience in fitting trackers to plant and machinery throughout the country at times best suited to owners at a fraction of the cost of the equipment and with the very real chance of a reduction in insurance premiums. Give us a call so that we can help you rest easy in the knowledge that thieves will be thwarted if they target your valuable kit.

    Take a look at our best trackers for Plant & Machinery.

  • Motorbike Trackers

    A recent survey of vehicle thefts threw up some alarming results that take one’s breath away:

    • There are more motorbikes stolen in the UK than the number of new ones bought
    • Most manufacturers don’t even fit them with an immobiliser
    • It takes no more than 20 seconds to steal a motorbike
    • A staggering £3 million worth of motorbikes are stolen from streets in the UK every month!
    • Hondas, Yamahas, Kawasakis, and Suzukis account for 85% of all stolen motorbikes

    Given facts like these motorbike owners are going to ask themselves what they can do to ensure their motorbike is not one of the stolen ones that is never returned to them. The answer is simple and unequivocal: fit a motorbike tracker. A GPS or VHF motorbike tracker with Thatcham accreditation is a tiny device that is hidden within the workings of the motorbike than springs into action the moment the thief makes off with your prized possession. In addition, due to the device’s motion sensor coupled with the fact that it can be programmed to take account of a very specific set of geographical parameters the thief will find his movements are immediately registered with the control centre which will pass the information onto the police. A motorbike tracker represents a very modest investment in comparison with the cost of a new motorbike that can be as much as £20,000 and an average of around £5,000.

    With years of experience behind them in fitting trackers in vehicles ranging from bulldozers to BMWs and Audis, Vehicle Tracking Tech is your first port of call for a no obligation quotation for a motorbike tracker to suit your motorbike as well as your wallet. We have the widest range and the keenest prices and with a nationwide fitting service at your disposal we can fit a motorbike tracker anywhere and at any time to suit you. Call us without further delay and together we can protect your investment.

    Click here to view our best Motorbike Trackers.

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