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  • Autowatch Shield Protects Cars and Immobilisers

    Due to its’ tiny size, Autowatch Ghost can be hidden virtually anywhere inside a vehicle. Such feasibility makes Ghost the best immobilizer available in the market today. But as effective as Ghost is in protecting your keyless car, it too has a few flaws.


    Autowatch Ghost uses radio frequency to connect to the CAN network of a vehicle. This allows for relay devices and other electronics to trace its’ path. Car thieves use this route to reach the location of the Ghost immobilizer. Once there, they disconnect the Ghost and disarm the vehicle.


    Once disarmed, car thieves do not have to enter the custom combination. This means that the Autowatch Ghost is feasible only as long as it remains connected to the vehicle.


    This requires a mechanism to stop the disconnection of Ghost from the vehicle. One way to do is to use an immobilizer that doesn’t travel via radio frequency. For that, you have the Autowatch Shadow system but what if there was a way to deter the Ghost disconnect?


    Autowatch shield is the most practical solution available to deter disconnecting Ghost. Shield detects the jammers in close vicinity that car thieves use to work out the location of the Ghost immobilizer. Before they can disconnect Ghost, Shield can detect jammers and sound a siren to deter car thieves. The loud siren scares the car thieves and forces them to flee thus protecting your vehicle.


    Unlike Autowatch Shadow, Shield can trigger an alarm before car thieves have disconnected Ghost from the system. This means that you don’t even have to purchase a new Ghost system. Autowatch Shadow prevents the jamming and disconnection of your immobilizer thus protecting your investment in your vehicle and the Ghost immobilizer.


    Where other jamming detectors are prone to overreact, Autowatch Shield filters out false alarms. It only goes off when there is a legitimate justification. This means that rather than going off every few hours, you will only hear the siren when there is a high chance of tampering with your car’s security system.


    Autowatch Shield is a self-manageable device. You are not required to activate or deactivate it when you step in or out of your vehicle. It automatically arms itself when it detects that the vehicle has been stopped. When resting, it automatically creates a safety zone and searches for jammers nearby.


    Such an intelligent arming system makes Autowatch Shield one of the best security solutions for keyless cars. It streamlines the security system of your vehicle by automating the arming and disarming of the security device.


    With the number of keyless car thefts rising every year, insurance providers require that you use an advanced security system as standard. Autowatch Shield reduces the chances of your vehicle being stolen. As a result, it greatly reduces the liability to your insurance provider; you might even qualify for lower premiums.


    As car manufacturers are still searching for ways to rid keyless cars of security flaws, Autowatch Shield is a viable security solution.

  • Why Autowatch Shadow is the Ultimate Immobiliser

    Using Autowatch Ghost and Ghost-II could substantially lower the chances of your keyless car being stolen. They make up for the security gaps that exist in the keyless systems to a great extent. But despite that, they are not entirely infallible. Although they perform their functions adequately, there is always a chance of them being spotted.


    Both Autowatch Ghost and Ghost-II give you the option to hide them virtually anywhere in your car. But if the car thieves spend some time looking, they can discover and disarm them easily. Once disconnected, your keyless class has no defence mechanism left. So the drivers can just drive off without ever figuring out your button combination.


    This does not discredit the benefits of the Autowatch Ghost and Ghost-II systems. However, it does show that no security system is entirely free from flaws. While the flaws shouldn’t keep you from these devices, you must consider going an extra mile just to be safe. The outside chance that car thieves might discover Autowatch Ghost and Ghost-II is too great to ignore. For this reason, you should explore various options to ensure the safety of your vehicle.


    One of such options is the Autowatch Shadow. The defence mechanism that Autowatch Shadow employs is very hard if not impossible for the car thieves to bypass. Car thieves use the radio frequency to work out the path to the immobilizer such as the Ghost and Ghost-II. Even though Autowatch Shadow connects to the same CAN network, it doesn’t use radio frequency. This makes it hard for car thieves to find the route to the immobilizer.


    On top of this, unlike Ghost, Shadow has an internal immobilizer relay. In most cases, the relay remains unused. But if Autowatch Shadow is removed, the relay activates and prevents the vehicle from starting. This keeps the car unmoved even if the car thieves have worked out the immobilizer location.


    Autowatch Shadow also offers an output. There are a number of ways you can use this output to keep your vehicle secure. One way is to connect it to an audible siren. Although you can wire it so that the siren goes off if Shadow is removed from the vehicle, you can also have it so it goes off when the vehicle is being started without authorization. This helps ensure that not only the car itself is protected but also the immobilizer.


    Another way to use the output is to trigger a silent alert. In this scenario, the siren will not go off. Rather, a silent alert will be sent to you so you can call the police or take the necessary actions. The thieves remain unaware of the silent alert, making it easier for the police to catch them.


    Due to its’ small size, Autowatch Ghost is one of the best immobilizers available in the market. By having Shadow as an additional layer of security, you ensure the safety of your car by increasing the effectiveness of your immobiliser.

  • Autowatch Ghost II― the Last Line of Defence

    Despite the high number of keyless car thefts, few are willing to return to the traditional method of ignition. With keyless cars, you don’t have to worry about where you left your car keys. All you need is a fob and you are set. Despite the high number of thefts of keyless cars, they are still popular.


    Regardless of the car theft statistics, the sales of keyless cars keep going up. Some car owners who live in high crime areas even have to pay higher insurance premiums. Such a compromise shows that keyless cars are here to stay. One reason for that is the protection solutions available in the market. Even though security gaps exist in the keyless car systems, there are market solutions that minimize them.


    So rather than trusting in the infallibility of car manufacturers or having faith in the ignorance of car thieves, responsible car owners are investing in car protection systems. Wherever possible, these protection systems reduce the likelihood of car thefts and increase the chances of vehicle recovery. It brings peace of mind to the keyless car owners and reduces the threat posed to their vehicles. Certain cases even allow them to negotiate a lower insurance premium.


    One of those vehicle protection systems is the Autowatch Ghost-II. After basic installation, it allows car owners to set a button combination. Before the ignition, the driver must enter this combination. Without it, the vehicle will not start even if the fob is present inside it. It strikes right at the heart of most common methods of keyless car thefts.


    Usually, car thieves use a relay device to pick a signal from the fob inside your house. Once they have found the signal, it is relayed to another device placed near the car. The car systems are thus fooled into believing that the fob is nearby. As a result, the car lowers its’defences and gives car thieves unfettered access. After that, they just need to start the car and drive off.


    How does Autowatch Ghost-II protect keyless cars?
    Autowatch Ghost-II works as a second layer of defence. Even if car thieves get access to the fob, they will not be able to drive off. After the car thieves have unlocked a vehicle, Autowatch Ghost 2 would require that they enter a preset combination. Since the car thieves don’t know the correct combination, the vehicle will not start. As a result, your vehicle will be where you left it.


    Autowatch Ghost-II is not a car tracker per se but rather a protection device. It is an apt device to fill in the gaps that exist in keyless cars’ security systems. Rather than come with a preset button combination, it allows you to set one of your choice. To a great extent, this reduces the liability posed to your insurance provider. As a result, certain insurance providers would even lower their premiums. That alone could pay for the Autowatch Ghost many times over. To protect your equity in your keyless car, Autowatch Ghost-II is a worthwhile investment.

  • How Tracker Vantage S7 Protects Keyless Cars

    Even though the overall percentage of car thefts has gone down significantly in the UK since the 1990s, West Midlands is facing a car theft epidemic. In a recent set of figures, the police and crime commissioner revealed that the number of car thefts in West Midlands has tripled since 2015. The Commissioner was blunt about what he blamed for such a startling rise in car thefts—keyless cars.

    Ever since the popular manufacturers began implementing the keyless feature in their cars, security experts have expressed concern over the security gaps that exist in the technology. It has become ever so easy for car thefts to order electronic kits online and use them to hijack keyless vehicles. Due to the high rate of theft incidents, some insurance providers now charge higher premiums for keyless cars. But fortunately, there are vehicle trackers available that could protect keyless cars from theft incidents.

    Tracker Vantage S7 tracker has features that could prevent keyless cars from being stolen. In cases in which they do get stolen, Tracker Vantage S7, if installed professionally, has built-in features that could help the police recover your vehicle promptly.


    Merger of GPS and GSM Technologies

    Tracker Vantage S7 combines GPS and GSM technology, which provides better location coordinates. While the GPS system uses the satellite system to pinpoint the location of your vehicle, GSM technology uses the signal strength and triangulation to provide location data with reference to the base station. The combination of GPS and GSM means that even if your vehicle is taken to a remote location, Tracker Vantage S7 will keep sharing the location data, helping the Police recover your stolen vehicle.


    Backup Battery and Motion Alerts

    Tracker Vantage S7 comes with a backup battery that keeps the vehicle tracker operational even after the external supply has been cut short. If the external power source is disconnected, Tracker Vantage S7 notifies you through an email so that you can take the required action. It helps ensure that car thieves do not hijack the power system of your car to disable alarms and car trackers. Tracker Vantage S7 uses power from the backup battery to keep providing location information.

    Every time your vehicle moves, Tracker Vantage S7 tracker ensures it does so with the ignition on. In an event when your vehicle is physically moved without ignition, it sends out an alert so that you are immediately notified.
    Tracker Health Check and Tracker Touch App

    Regardless of where you are on the planet, you can use the health check feature to make sure that your car tracker is working the way it should. If there are any errors or problems, the health check feature will let you know. On top of this, you get access to the Tracker Touch App using which you can find out the precise location of your vehicle. There is also an option to set a 200m Geo-fence. If your vehicle gets out of that Geo-fence, you will receive an immediate alert. Since Tracker offers Europe-wide coverage, your car remains under protection even when you take it abroad making Tracker Vantage S7 tracker an ideal tracker for protection against a host of threats.

    As keyless cars grow common, car thieves will continue to exploit the security gaps that exist in their systems. That is why it is vital that car owners use the right kind of vehicle trackers to reduce the risk of car thefts and thereby reduce their insurance premiums.

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