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4 Reasons Vehicle Trackers are Indispensable to Fleet Management

In the past decades, vehicle trackers were exclusively thought of as a method of protection against car thefts but that has now changed. It is a fallacy to assume that just because a vehicle is ‘big’, it doesn’t need a tracker and that merely its’ size would suffice to protect it against steals. Trackers these days serve a variety of purposes to not only ensure a vehicle’s physical safety but also monitor the engine performance, fuel efficiency, and on-road habits of the driver.


Costs Control

Keeping track of your costs and minimizing them is a cornerstone of a successful business but it is especially true for transportation companies. According to some studies, almost 1/3rd of a vehicle’s total annual cost goes to fuel charges so any forward-thinking entrepreneur would want to minimize it as much as possible. By installing HGV trackers in your vehicles, you can keep track of the routes the drivers take to analyze them to work out a shorter route for any future commutes.  It can also help you keep a tab on your vehicles’ CO2 emissions, which could give you an idea when they might be in need of servicing that will restore their fuel-efficiency. In certain jurisdictions, maintaining fuel-efficiency that reduces carbon emissions to a minimum might even hold tax benefits that lower the burden on your books. Using readings and estimates from HGV tracking does not only give you near-perfect emission evaluations but they also give your claims more credibility at the tax office.


Drivers’ Evaluation

Evaluating an employee’s performance is easy if he works in the same building you do but in a transportation business, drivers work on the highways delivering goods and consignments. To evaluate their performance, a high goods vehicle tracker is the only option available. It can record the drivers’ speed, the routes he took, and the duration and location of each of his stop. Even if he is not getting into accidents or piling up speed tickets, you can look for certain behaviour patterns that serve as a precursor to the looming disaster. This way you do not only avoid a disaster but it also helps keep drivers in check. It sends them a message that they might be able to trick speed cameras but they cannot evade your supervision.


Tracking Goods Online

Before a manufacturer, wholesaler, or a retailer trusts your service to safely transport their goods, they would need assurances and a way to monitor their location from shipment point all the way to delivery. Using an HGV tracker, you can offer them the service to track their consignments online. Once you have gathered enough data, estimating the date and time of delivery becomes a statistical task, which you can provide to the customers. Along with establishing your expertise and experience, this estimation helps your clients in their dealings with their customers making the whole process mutually beneficial.


Protection Against Thefts

Most of the times when vehicles are stolen in the UK, after filing a report, owners have to wait for months to recover their vehicles unless they were wise enough to install a vehicle tracker. Installing trackers in HGVs ensures that in an event that they are stolen, the police can track its’ movement. Since most high goods vehicle deliver or pass through remote locations to deliver consignments, it is a good practice to ensure that your chosen HGV tracker covers remote areas as well to ensure full safety against thefts.


Fleet trackers in our age are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity for every business that operates HGVs. Transporters can usually get a discount rate if they choose to install trackers in their entire fleet of trucks. Vehicle Tracking Tech offers solutions from leading brands like TomTom, Tracker, Big Change, and Masternaut.