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Autowatch Ghost II― the Last Line of Defence

Despite the high number of keyless car thefts, few are willing to return to the traditional method of ignition. With keyless cars, you don’t have to worry about where you left your car keys. All you need is a fob and you are set. Despite the high number of thefts of keyless cars, they are still popular.


Regardless of the car theft statistics, the sales of keyless cars keep going up. Some car owners who live in high crime areas even have to pay higher insurance premiums. Such a compromise shows that keyless cars are here to stay. One reason for that is the protection solutions available in the market. Even though security gaps exist in the keyless car systems, there are market solutions that minimize them.


So rather than trusting in the infallibility of car manufacturers or having faith in the ignorance of car thieves, responsible car owners are investing in car protection systems. Wherever possible, these protection systems reduce the likelihood of car thefts and increase the chances of vehicle recovery. It brings peace of mind to the keyless car owners and reduces the threat posed to their vehicles. Certain cases even allow them to negotiate a lower insurance premium.


One of those vehicle protection systems is the Autowatch Ghost-II. After basic installation, it allows car owners to set a button combination. Before the ignition, the driver must enter this combination. Without it, the vehicle will not start even if the fob is present inside it. It strikes right at the heart of most common methods of keyless car thefts.


Usually, car thieves use a relay device to pick a signal from the fob inside your house. Once they have found the signal, it is relayed to another device placed near the car. The car systems are thus fooled into believing that the fob is nearby. As a result, the car lowers its’defences and gives car thieves unfettered access. After that, they just need to start the car and drive off.


How does Autowatch Ghost-II protect keyless cars?
Autowatch Ghost-II works as a second layer of defence. Even if car thieves get access to the fob, they will not be able to drive off. After the car thieves have unlocked a vehicle, Autowatch Ghost 2 would require that they enter a preset combination. Since the car thieves don’t know the correct combination, the vehicle will not start. As a result, your vehicle will be where you left it.


Autowatch Ghost-II is not a car tracker per se but rather a protection device. It is an apt device to fill in the gaps that exist in keyless cars’ security systems. Rather than come with a preset button combination, it allows you to set one of your choice. To a great extent, this reduces the liability posed to your insurance provider. As a result, certain insurance providers would even lower their premiums. That alone could pay for the Autowatch Ghost many times over. To protect your equity in your keyless car, Autowatch Ghost-II is a worthwhile investment.