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Why Autowatch Shadow is the Ultimate Immobiliser

Using Autowatch Ghost and Ghost-II could substantially lower the chances of your keyless car being stolen. They make up for the security gaps that exist in the keyless systems to a great extent. But despite that, they are not entirely infallible. Although they perform their functions adequately, there is always a chance of them being spotted.


Both Autowatch Ghost and Ghost-II give you the option to hide them virtually anywhere in your car. But if the car thieves spend some time looking, they can discover and disarm them easily. Once disconnected, your keyless class has no defence mechanism left. So the drivers can just drive off without ever figuring out your button combination.


This does not discredit the benefits of the Autowatch Ghost and Ghost-II systems. However, it does show that no security system is entirely free from flaws. While the flaws shouldn’t keep you from these devices, you must consider going an extra mile just to be safe. The outside chance that car thieves might discover Autowatch Ghost and Ghost-II is too great to ignore. For this reason, you should explore various options to ensure the safety of your vehicle.


One of such options is the Autowatch Shadow. The defence mechanism that Autowatch Shadow employs is very hard if not impossible for the car thieves to bypass. Car thieves use the radio frequency to work out the path to the immobilizer such as the Ghost and Ghost-II. Even though Autowatch Shadow connects to the same CAN network, it doesn’t use radio frequency. This makes it hard for car thieves to find the route to the immobilizer.


On top of this, unlike Ghost, Shadow has an internal immobilizer relay. In most cases, the relay remains unused. But if Autowatch Shadow is removed, the relay activates and prevents the vehicle from starting. This keeps the car unmoved even if the car thieves have worked out the immobilizer location.


Autowatch Shadow also offers an output. There are a number of ways you can use this output to keep your vehicle secure. One way is to connect it to an audible siren. Although you can wire it so that the siren goes off if Shadow is removed from the vehicle, you can also have it so it goes off when the vehicle is being started without authorization. This helps ensure that not only the car itself is protected but also the immobilizer.


Another way to use the output is to trigger a silent alert. In this scenario, the siren will not go off. Rather, a silent alert will be sent to you so you can call the police or take the necessary actions. The thieves remain unaware of the silent alert, making it easier for the police to catch them.


Due to its’ small size, Autowatch Ghost is one of the best immobilizers available in the market. By having Shadow as an additional layer of security, you ensure the safety of your car by increasing the effectiveness of your immobiliser.