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Autowatch Shield Protects Cars and Immobilisers

Due to its’ tiny size, Autowatch Ghost can be hidden virtually anywhere inside a vehicle. Such feasibility makes Ghost the best immobilizer available in the market today. But as effective as Ghost is in protecting your keyless car, it too has a few flaws.


Autowatch Ghost uses radio frequency to connect to the CAN network of a vehicle. This allows for relay devices and other electronics to trace its’ path. Car thieves use this route to reach the location of the Ghost immobilizer. Once there, they disconnect the Ghost and disarm the vehicle.


Once disarmed, car thieves do not have to enter the custom combination. This means that the Autowatch Ghost is feasible only as long as it remains connected to the vehicle.


This requires a mechanism to stop the disconnection of Ghost from the vehicle. One way to do is to use an immobilizer that doesn’t travel via radio frequency. For that, you have the Autowatch Shadow system but what if there was a way to deter the Ghost disconnect?


Autowatch shield is the most practical solution available to deter disconnecting Ghost. Shield detects the jammers in close vicinity that car thieves use to work out the location of the Ghost immobilizer. Before they can disconnect Ghost, Shield can detect jammers and sound a siren to deter car thieves. The loud siren scares the car thieves and forces them to flee thus protecting your vehicle.


Unlike Autowatch Shadow, Shield can trigger an alarm before car thieves have disconnected Ghost from the system. This means that you don’t even have to purchase a new Ghost system. Autowatch Shadow prevents the jamming and disconnection of your immobilizer thus protecting your investment in your vehicle and the Ghost immobilizer.


Where other jamming detectors are prone to overreact, Autowatch Shield filters out false alarms. It only goes off when there is a legitimate justification. This means that rather than going off every few hours, you will only hear the siren when there is a high chance of tampering with your car’s security system.


Autowatch Shield is a self-manageable device. You are not required to activate or deactivate it when you step in or out of your vehicle. It automatically arms itself when it detects that the vehicle has been stopped. When resting, it automatically creates a safety zone and searches for jammers nearby.


Such an intelligent arming system makes Autowatch Shield one of the best security solutions for keyless cars. It streamlines the security system of your vehicle by automating the arming and disarming of the security device.


With the number of keyless car thefts rising every year, insurance providers require that you use an advanced security system as standard. Autowatch Shield reduces the chances of your vehicle being stolen. As a result, it greatly reduces the liability to your insurance provider; you might even qualify for lower premiums.


As car manufacturers are still searching for ways to rid keyless cars of security flaws, Autowatch Shield is a viable security solution.