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Don't Drive Around Without a Dashcam Even If You Have a Car Tracker

Given the number of vehicles on the roads in the UK and an ever increasing number of accidents, there are very few excuses for those who still drive around without a dash cam. What used to be amenity has become a necessity yet a vast swathe of public still remains unconvinced. In this article, we list 5 points to explain the growing importance of dash cams.

Resolving Accident Disputes

Once the initial shock after an accident wears off, very rarely does the guilty party own up to their negligence and mistake. When the police come, each of the parties involved presents their version of events. With no substantial proof to examine, the police are prone to judgingly the victim as the guilty one. This could result in blemishes on your driving record, penalties in the shape of increased premiums by your insurance provider, and even legal jeopardy. In such a situation, many a victim wish they had installed a dash cam on their vehicle, but unfortunately, it’s too late.

To avoid getting into such a situation, every driver must seriously consider installing a dash cam if their pocket allows. Even if they have to make cuts in other areas of life to save enough to afford a dash cam, they should do it. Ideally, you should ask your car dealer for advice to purchase a dash cam. It is possible that your vehicle financier might even extend you the credit to install a dash cam.

Know What Happens to Your Vehicle When You are Away

Car thefts in the UK are on the rise. Last year alone, there were almost a million cases involving car thefts. Some dash cams come with sensors that probe the movement around your vehicle and begin recording as soon as they sense anything unusual. With such a dash cam in place, you can rest assured that your car is safe. As soon as someone tries to break into your vehicle or unlock the door, the dash cam would begin recording and even live-stream it if they have the functionality. Upon being alerted instantly, you can notify the police and thus increase the likelihood that your vehicle remains safe. Having such security measures in place could even result in lowered insurance premiums as the risk posed to your insurance provider is reduced significantly.

Monitor Your Kids’ Driving Habits

It’s not all about you when your kids take your vehicle out for a drive with friends; you can monitor their driving behaviour. If they show-off to their friends or go into an area that you do not approve of, you can contact them instantly to knock it off. Identifying areas such as parallel parking where your child needs improvement could prevent a dent on your vehicle and your neighbour’s.

Recording Your Trip

Many a time you see family on a road trip using a phone camera to record a journey. Recording video while holding a phone for hours on end could interfere with the enjoyment of a road trip. Dash cams offer a great alternative. They can record every scene on the road and even those taking place inside the vehicle without aching your arms. With an extendable memory in place, they could record days’ worth of footage. Blackvue DR750S-1CH is a good choice for this purpose. It records videos with full HD 1080P and has extendable memory so you don’t have to worry about memory being full. A high-quality video shot from the right angle would ensure that you could have the experience repeatedly by playing it on the screen at home.

Given the way our driving patterns and modes of driving have changed, it is vital to have an all-seeing eye that captures everything that happens around your vehicle whether your vehicle is travelling on the road or is parked outside your home.