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Do Electric Cars Need Car Trackers? Yes! Here's why

The benefits that electric cars offer to the environment and their owners are innumerable but the most prominent ones include lower carbon emissions, reduced reliance on fossil fuels, and lower fuel costs to use and maintain the vehicle. Despite the momentous breakaway that electric cars offer from the era of fossil fuel burning, there are still similarities between modern electric cars and traditional gasoline-based vehicles. One of those similarities is the need for a car tracker. As car thefts skyrocket in the UK, it is essential that car owners take the necessary steps to protect the investment they made into purchasing their cars—electric or otherwise. Even though electric car manufacturers are opening new frontiers into what is possible through utilization of green energy, the tracking systems they offer remain woefully inadequate compared to the vehicle trackers available in the market. Here we have listed some of the benefits that an electric car tracker offers to their owners:

Round-the-Clock Monitoring of Your Vehicle

Since GPS trackers allow you to create a virtual geo-fence for your vehicle, you can receive an instant notification whenever your electric car travels outside your set parameters. For example, if you are sleeping in your home and your electric car parked outside is stolen, you wouldn’t know that your car is gone until you wake up in the morning. Plus, as electric cars make little noise when they move, you cannot exclusively rely on the noise factor to alert you of a theft. With a car tracker, you can set parameters for the night and rest peacefully in your bed knowing that if anyone tries to steal your car, you and the local police will be immediately notified. With an electric car tracking system in place, you greatly increase the chances of vehicle recovery even if the vehicle is stolen, which could significantly lower the insurance premium you pay on your electric vehicle.

Tracking the State of Charge

Through an electric car tracker, you can easily monitor the state of charge of your electric car. You don’t need to power up the engine to find out whether or not you have enough charge to make a specific trip, you could be sitting in your bedroom and find out through the web-portal whether or not you need to charge your vehicle. Even if you are on the road and the charge goes down, an electric car tracker would locate the nearest charging stations so you could refuel the car battery.

Better Trip Planning

Even as electric cars become more popular all over the UK, the number of charging stations are still nowhere near as common as gasoline fuelling stations because of which each of the long trips that you intend to take on an electric car has to be planned and optimized. Failure to do so could result in you being left stranded in a remote area with a dead battery on your car having to call the local police to come to your assistance. With an electric car tracker, you can follow routes that are the most efficient in consuming the least amount of charge to travel the longest possible distances and on which charging stations are a common presence.

Despite all the advancements electric car companies such as Tesla have made, you still require a GPS tracker to make the most out of your investment. As our transport system transitions onto green energy, the infrastructure required to aid electric car drivers will take time to get properly implemented. To work within the existing infrastructure, a GPS tracker for electric car goes a long way in minimizing the problems you could potentially face.