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How to Get the Most Out of Your Dash Cam

Dash cams are immensely beneficial to the drivers regardless of the type of vehicles they drive. Footage captured on dash cam can help resolve disputes that could cost you a lot of money and get you out of a tricky situation. Owning a dash cam is a good start but to use it to its’ full potential, you need to learn a few things to get the most out of your dash cam.

Install a High-Resolution Dash Cam

Dash cams come in all shapes, forms, and sizes, the most important thing is to purchase one that fits your budget and records the highest quality footage. A lot of times for one reason or another, car owners end up opting for a low-end model, and when they need to prove their innocence after getting into an accident, the quality of the recorded footage is too poor to be admissible as evidence. Thus, a low-resolution dash cam renders the primary use of dashcam obsolete.

But if you have a high-resolution dash cam, it will record good quality videos even at night time so you can rest assured that if you get into an accident through no fault of your own, you have an electronic witness that will set the record straight with the authorities.

Tidy Up Your Dashboard

Once you install a dashboard, you should cut down on all the clutter obfuscating its’ lens such as various items hanging from the rear-view mirror. Failure to do so would result in footage not being recorded adequately in the event of an accident. Just like using a low-resolution camera, an untidy dashboard would undermine the primary use of a dash cam. A tidy dashboard would not only enable your dash cam to record clear footage but also reduce the items that could potentially distract you from the road, which raises the likelihood of getting into an accident.

Ensure Dash Cam Has Enough Storage Space

Some dash cams come only with internal storage space with no option to add external memory. If your dash cam does not support external memory, make sure you keep tabs on the internal memory left otherwise your dash cam wouldn’t record anything in the event of an accident. As a general rule, you should try to purchase dash cams that offer the option to add external devices. They do not only provide you the luxury to not have to regularly check the memory space left but also the portability factor comes in handy. To access past footages, you can only remove the external memory and connect it to your computer while to access internal memory; you usually need to take out the entire device to connect it to your computer.

Position It Properly

How you position your dash cam is perhaps more important than any of the points mentioned above. You should always try to cut down on how much of your dash cam footage is covered by the sky. Dash cams should be pointed on the road so that they record only the vehicles and people nearby and not the sky unless you are trying to catch a meteor shower.

Another thing to keep in mind when positioning the dash cam is to place it in the middle of the dashboard. Setting the camera at the corner of the car could lead to distorted footage especially in low light environments.

MIO MiVUE mount offers a good way to adjust your camera view conveniently. You can attach your high-resolution camera to it and then use its’ adjustable handle to have your camera focus on the important stuff.

There are lots of ways to make the most of your dash cam but starting with afore-mentioned guidelines would set you on the right path. Almost every dash cam comes with a users’ manual; you should read it to understand the specifics about your particular dash cam.