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How GPS Car Tracking Can Protect Your Classic Car

Classic cars are like old wine, the older they get more expensive they become. Because of this, they never fail to attract the unwanted attention of car thieves. Depending on the connections of the thief, he could sell individual parts of a classic car for a higher price than you paid for the entire vehicle. Since the majority of the classic cars were designed before car trackers became so prevalent, they lack the structural and wiring mechanism that accommodate trackers. Even though it is vital that you install a tracker on your classic car to protect it against thefts, however, there is a multitude of steps that you must also take to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Use a Manual Transmission

The number of people who know how to drive a car with manual transmission is falling rapidly. Part of the reason is auto companies’ focus on automation whether it is through automatic transmission or self-driving cars. Thus, a classic car that employs manual transmission works dually as a return to the golden age of driving and as a deterrent to those who may want to deprive you of your valued possession. Though most classic cars employed manual transmission, there is a growing trend of hobbyists who want to own the classic cars but are not too big on driving a manual transmission. If you care about the security of your vehicle, you should fight the urge to move them onto the automatic transmission and learn to drive the manual transmission.

Be Careful with Where You Leave Your Classic Car

Research shows that a significant number of classic cars are stolen from dealerships, garages, repair shops, and restoration shops. By looking around on the internet to read reviews from those who have had their classic cars repaired at different shops might be a good place to start to locate shops that are the most secure for your classic car. Failing to research a shop properly before dropping off your vehicle for servicing and repair could lead to thefts, and it could take months or never to recover your treasured classic car.

Another area from where thieves could steal your car is your own garage. Dozens of incidents take place every year when a classic car is stolen right under its’ owners’ nose. To guard your vehicle against thefts, make sure your car’s doors are locked, and keys are placed somewhere away from the vehicle. Even if your garage doors are locked safely, keeping keys away from the vehicle is a good practice.

Install a Classic Car Tracker

Last but not the least, installing a car tracker in your classic car is a must if you want to protect your vehicle. Many a time despite taking precautions, owners are deprived of their classic cars as thieves transport these vehicles to underground garages nearby and sell it part by part rather than as a whole. It makes it particularly difficult to recover or locate the stolen vehicle. By having a classic car tracker fitted into your car would ensure that you are aware of its’ whereabouts and can thus inform the local authorities immediately when your GPS detects an intrusion.

Upon buying a classic car, taking steps to ensure its’ safety should be your priority.