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Less Known Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Fleet Management

Businesses that rely on their trucks, lorries, vans, or any other types of vehicle, stand to gain the most from using a fleet management system. The benefits that fleet management systems entail go well-beyond the shallow facilities such as pinpointing map locations of drivers and controlling fuel costs. In this post, we explore some of the less known ways that fleet operators and transporters can benefit from employing a vehicle tracking system.

Increased Road Safety

Probably the most overlooked aspect of vehicle tracking is how much it could help identify drivers who are prone to getting into accidents because of their driving habits. Using the data analytics that the tracking system provides, managers can quickly work out individual drivers who pose the most significant threat to others on the road. By taking necessary actions, fleet operators can prevent the unnecessary loss of human lives and thus reduce the liability to their business. Even if by any chance, one of your drivers gets into an accident, emergency services can be immediately notified to avert a greater disaster.

Reduce Employee Fraud

Handwritten records are susceptible to employee fraud and even honest mistakes. If your drivers habitually report more work hours than it actually takes them to carry out their job, you could be losing thousands of pounds every month. Having a fleet management system allows you to record the exact time your drivers spent on the road, the routes they took, and if they went over the speeding limit. Such a system allows you to eliminate the factor of misreporting and streamline the process of calculating work hours.

Better Upkeep of Vehicles

Fleet management software doesn’t only provide you with tracking data, but they also compile a record on the number of miles your vehicles have travelled over the course of time. This compilation of data along with a high-end tracker could alert you when it might be time for servicing your vehicles. It could increase the lifespan and efficiency of your vehicles and also help prevent injury to your drivers due to things like worn out braking system. Through fleet management, you can stay informed about the issues with your vehicle before they result in a catastrophe.

Reduced Insurance Payments

Transporters that employ fleet management systems are more likely to be offered reduced insurance premiums than those who operate without them. Insurance companies have room to be generous since fleet management systems significantly reduce the risk posed to them. Regardless of the size of your fleet, by installing fleet management, the amount of money you can potentially save could be substantial in relation to your working capital.

Even though the benefits of fleet management systems are innumerable, here we have highlighted the ones that are most often overlooked but deserve no less consideration than those usually advertised by fleet management system providers. Whether you are managing a fleet of five vehicles or a hundred, fleet management can help your business run more efficiently.