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  • Cobra Trackers are approved by top car manufacturers in UK

    CobraTrakThatcham Category 5 and 6 Accredited Cobra Trackers are recommended and approved by top car manufacturers in UK including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi, Nissan, Bentley, Porsche, Maserati, Renault, Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Infiniti, Tesla, McLaren and Volkswagen.

    CobraTrak offers leading vehicle monitoring and stolen vehicle tracking services through advanced GPS and GSM technology. The devices can pinpoint accurate location of the vehicle in real time and liaise with police authorities not just in UK, but also across 36 countries in Europe. (Conditions apply)

    Top Features at a Glance

    Thatcham Accredited Vehicle Theft Protection Trackers

    Cobra is the market leader in Europe and is the only tracker that is recommended and approved by top auto manufacturers including Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Nissan, Porsche, Bentley, Infiniti, Maserati, Renault, Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Tesla and McLaren.

    Warranty and Transfer

    Cobra tracking devices come with a three-year warranty and can be transferred to other vehicles.

    Insurance Premium

    Approved and recognised by major insurance providers, these Thatcham accredited tracking systems can reduce the insurance premium upon installation and also help you qualify for discounts.

    Pan Europe Coverage (Conditions Apply)

    Cobra tracking systems protect your car across 36 countries in Europe (conditions apply) and are approved for theft protection and tracking in Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (Monaco), Germany (Liechtenstein), Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy (Vatican City, San Marino), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (Andorra, Gibraltar), Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and UK.

    Tow Away Alerts

    If the vehicle ignition is off and the tracker detects unauthorised movement or towing away, the system will generate an alert. This feature is exclusively available in CobraTrak Plus, Cobra ADR and CobraTrak 5 system.

    Remote Immobilisation

    CobraTrak 5 takes vehicle security a notch higher, with remote ignition locking and immobilisation. This enables the police to successfully immobilise a vehicle in case it gets stolen, and prevents the engine from being restarted again. This tracking system also uses driver identification technology, which detects theft even if the vehicle keys have been stolen.

    Automatic Driver Recognition

    Authenticated drivers are given pocket size driver identification cards, and the system arms itself as soon as the driver leaves the vehicle. If the vehicle is started or moved without the identification card, an alert is sent to Cobra’s secure operating centre reporting the possibility of a theft.

    Motion Sensing

    If the ignition is turned off and the vehicle is towed away, the system generates an alert to protect against theft.

    Tamper Alert

    Tampering to the vehicle battery or damage to the system wiring generates an automatic alert in CobraTrak Plus and CobraTrak 5 trackers.

    GSM Jammers

    Thieves may also use GSM jammers to stop the GSM signal from detecting the location of the vehicle. In case such jamming devices are used, an alert is generated by the CobraTrak system to alert the owner and the police authorities.


    Alerts are sent as soon as the vehicle enters or leaves a designated area. This is particularly useful for managing a fleet of vehicles. (Only applicable to Cobra Web integration, which will be available in June 2016)

    There is a Transport Mode setting that allows for alert-free movement on a ferry or during servicing in a garage. However, this service is only limited to certain models.

    Our Top Picks

    CobraTrak Plus

    These Thatcham Category 6 tracking systems offer pan European coverage, are approved and recommended for top luxury vehicle brands and come with a list of advanced features such as:

    • Towing away alert
    • Tamper alert
    • GSM jammer alert
    • Geofencing (Only for Cobra Track Plus Web access integration which will be available in June, 2016)
    • Thatcham CAT 6
    • Insurance approved by major providers
    • 3 year warranty
    • Transferable to replacement vehicles
    • GPS location tracking
    • International GSM and GPRS
    • Pan European coverage (conditions apply)
    • Automatic system health tracking
    • 24/7/365 protection

    CobraTrak 5

    CobraTrak 5 is the top of the line Thatcham CAT 5 tracking system offered by Cobra that has all the features of CobraTrak Plus, with additional advantages of Automatic Driver Recognition and Remote Ignition Lock and Immobilisation.

    Full list of features includes:

    • Automatic Driver Recognition
    • Remote immobilisation
    • Geofencing (Only for CobraTrak 5 Web access integration which will be available in June, 2016)
    • Towing away alert
    • Tamper alert
    • GSM jammer alert
    • Thatcham CAT 5
    • Insurance approved by major providers
    • 3 year warranty
    • Transferable to replacement vehicles
    • GPS location tracking
    • International GSM and GPRS
    • Pan European coverage (conditions apply)
    • Automatic system health tracking
    • 24/7/365 protection

    CobraTrak ADR

    CobraTrak ADR is a CAT 6 tracking system that has a number of CAT 5 features as well, such as automatic driver recognition, towing away alerts and tampering alerts.

    Full list of features includes:

    • Automatic Driver Recognition
    • Geofencing (Only for CobraTrak web access integration which will be available in June, 2016)
    • Towing away alert
    • Tamper alert
    • GSM jammer alert
    • Thatcham CAT 5
    • Insurance approved by major providers
    • 3 year warranty
    • Transferable to replacement vehicles
    • GPS location tracking
    • International GSM and GPRS
    • Pan European coverage (conditions apply)
    • Automatic system health tracking
    • 24/7/365 protection

    CobraTrak 5 and CobraTrak Plus Web

    Enjoy web and mobile based tracking functionality to monitor vehicle activity in real time. The web upgrade package is available for an additional small fee and can be used to track multiple vehicles through a password-protected application.

    (This discounted service will be available from June 2016 onwards)

    Full features include:

    • Towing away alert
    • Tamper alert
    • GSM jammer alert
    • Geofencing
    • Automatic Driver Recognition (In CobraTrak5 only)
    • Remote immobilisation (In CobraTrak5 only)
    • Insurance approved by major providers
    • 3 year warranty
    • Transferable to replacement vehicles
    • GPS location tracking
    • International GSM and GPRS
    • Pan European coverage (conditions apply)
    • Automatic system health tracking
    • 24/7/365 protection
  • Everything You Should Know About TRACKER CAT 5 Plus

    This Complete Anti-Theft Solution by TRACKER Comes Packed with Sophisticated Features

    Why Do You Need a Tracking Device?

    Dealing with car theft means you don’t just lose your car – you may end up spending a handful of pounds on expensive premium renewal, possible damage to the car and loss of insurance excess bonus.

    An advanced vehicle theft tracking system like TRACKER CAT 5 Plus cuts down on the hassle and costs and ensures that you recover the vehicle QUICKLY and EASILY minus any unnecessary delays. Plus, there are a number of additional features that come with the deal!

    What is TRACKER CAT 5 Plus?

    TRACKER CAT 5 Plus is a Thatcham Category 5 vehicle tracker, offering fast vehicle recovery and protection on the go for all types of luxury cars and keyless vehicles. It uses driver ID tags to authenticate the driver, so even if your car keys are stolen, your vehicle’s safety will not be compromised.

    TRACKER devices are used and recommended by police forces across UK, and offer vehicle protection 24/7, 365 days a year. Vehicles are located via advanced GPS, GSM and anti-jamming VHF technology, so you can be assured of a fast recovery even if the car is hidden in an underground parking or shipping container.

    What Comes with TRACKER CAT 5 Plus System?

    • This state-of-the-art tracking system comes with an all-in-one vehicle theft protection module that can be fitted in your car at a hidden location so it’s not easy to remove.
    • Upon subscribing, you will get your unique TRACKER membership card and Registration Document – keep these safe at all times and NEVER LEAVE THEM IN THE CAR.
    • The VHF technology in the tracker makes it immune to jamming devices that most robbers use.
    • After a TRACKER is installed, the only way to securely start the vehicle without triggering an alert is through a battery powered driver tag. You get 2 tags with the system, and can order up to 5 for a single vehicle.
    • Plus, you get access to the TRACKER website for added functionality and 24/7 support by the TRACKER staff on phone.

    How Does TRACKER CAT 5 Plus Work?

    To start a vehicle fitted with TRACKER CAT5 Plus, you need a unique driver ID tag.

    If the vehicle is started without the driver ID tag, the TRACKER operation centre will send an alert to you. The tracking system gets armed when the ignition is off, and gets disarmed as soon as the ignition is switched on and the tag is in the range of 1 metre from the vehicle.

    If you have not started the vehicle and it’s missing, you should immediately:

    • Inform the police about the theft,
    • Get a Crime Reference Number,
    • Call TRACKER and report your TRACKER CAT 5 Plus serial number, Crime Reference Number, and Vehicle Registration Number to them.
    • TRACKER offers a guarantee of recovering your car in 48 hours or else your subscription money will be refunded (Terms and Conditions Apply).

    How Does TRACKER CAT 5 Plus Alert of Vehicle Theft?

    • TRACKER CAT 5 Plus sends active alerts to TRACKER’s secure operating centre every 5 minutes, ensuring that the vehicle is secure.
    • If the vehicle is started without a driver tag, an alert will be sent to inform you.
    • If the vehicle is moved or towed away without turning the ignition on, the motion sensor is activated and a movement alert is generated. TRACKER officials will contact you to check if the vehicle was moved by you or not.
    • If the vehicle battery has been disconnected, TRACKER sends an alert to you. The system will continue to work on the backup battery in the meantime, to make sure that the car is detected if it’s been stolen.
    • If a TRACKER active alert isn’t sent to the operating centre for 28 days, you will be alerted to check if it’s working properly and then can schedule a tracker test.
    • If the driver tag is running out of battery, you will be sent an alert to change the batteries to avoid any issues.

    How is the TRACKER System Powered?

    In the absence of vehicle battery, the TRACKER device will remain operational for one month through a backup battery that comes with the system. Alerts will be sent to you if the vehicle battery is disconnected. However, this backup battery is non-rechargeable and has to be replaced by trained technicians if it runs out. Keep an eye out for battery alerts. Minimum costs apply for changing battery.

    How long does it Take TRACKER CAT 5 Plus to Become Operational?

    As soon as it’s installed to your vehicle, the device will start protection and sending alert signals to the operating centre immediately. The motion sensor is activated 2 hours after installation, so that no false alerts are sent while the system is being fitted.

    How Can TRACKER Cat 5 Plus Help with Reporting?

    TRACKER Customers get access to TRACKER’s official website which has comprehensive reports and analytics on vehicle usage hours, business mileage, private mileage etc.

    Can a TRACKER Device Be Transferred from One Vehicle to Other?

    TRACKER CAT 5 Plus system is non-transferable and can’t be removed from the original vehicle. In case you are selling the car, the new owner will have to register with TRACKER again and apply for a new subscription. You can call TRACKER customer support for more information in this regard.

    Does TRACKER CAT 5 Plus Need Maintenance and Testing?

    Your TRACKER CAT 5 automatically sends signals to a secure operating centre every 5 minutes. If these signals stop appearing, you are notified to ensure that there is no health and safety issue with the tracker. You should also get a testing scheduled if:

    • The vehicle has been stolen and recovered,
    • The vehicle was damaged in an accident,
    • There have been changes and modifications in the electrical system of the vehicle.

    Can the Vehicle Be Transported by the Owner

    Vehicle transportation by the owner themselves is possible – just call TRACKER on 01752 512173 to disable service temporarily and you can transport the vehicle yourself without triggering the movement alarm.

    How Soon Can TRACKER Recover a Stolen Vehicle?

    TRACKER offers a 48-hour recovery guarantee* in the event of theft. If the vehicle isn’t found during this period, the subscription charges are refunded to the customers. This offer can only be availed by passenger car and LCV customers during the warranty period only.

    *Terms and conditions apply.

    What Happens After the Stolen Vehicle is recovered?

    As soon as the police have recovered the vehicle based on data provided by the tracking device, a uniformed guard from TRACKER will stay with the vehicle until it’s been picked up by your vehicle recovery service and delivered to you*. The engine can also be immobilised so the vehicle isn’t switched on without your permission.

    *This service is limited to customers in Great Britain only.

    Contact TRACKER

    To get a new TRACKER CAT 5 Plus or more information: 01274 733633
    To transfer ownership of the TRACKER: 01895 455 774
    To report the theft of your vehicle: +44 (0) 1752 512 173

  • Improving Fleet Management with Vehicle Tracking

    Different businesses have different needs – you may require custom budget considerations, manage different number of vehicles in different time zones and have diverse requirements from your fleet. Employing modern vehicle tracking systems can always make things simpler and efficient, and there are a number of choices available with custom features that can fit in every budget.

    Top Benefits of Investing in Vehicle Trackers

    It may seem like a big investment at first, but having vehicle trackers with web hosted tracking software actually reduces operation costs and enhances fleet performance and fuel usage. Simple, easy to use and comprehensive vehicle tracking systems make work processes and management all the more efficient and less time consuming.

    Value Added Features of Vehicle Trackers

    At Vehicle Tracking Tech, we offer comprehensive solutions to our clients, custom designed to cater to their unique needs. With advanced vehicle tracking and fleet management systems, business owners can track more than just fuel, mileage and driver performance.

    Track vehicles and drivers in real time

    Not only can you track the position of the vehicle using GPS, but you can also view real time events and monitor driver behaviour.

    Use Dash Cams to View Driver Behaviour

    Cameras on the dashboard record driver behaviour and report erratic behaviour to the fleet operator. They are sometimes part of the tracking systems, but extras can also be integrated for an added level of security. For example, Tracker Vision can add extra features to Tracker Fleet Plus by utilising the Garmin navigation unit. This dash cam will give you incident details via GPS and the tracking box will provide GPS location when you wire it to the input of the tracking box module.

    Vehicle Immobilisation

    In cars and LCVs the immobilisation feature can be installed to certain tracking units. However, the operator can only immobilise the car when ignition is off. Please note that the operator must exercise a duty of care when using this function, as it will only work when the ignition is switched off.

    Avail Private and business mileage switch

    The business mileage switch gives you accurate info on driver working hours and private working hours. This information is accurate and can be submitted to HMRC to avoid fines or investigations.

    Get Driver ID and Fuel Information

    You can monitor who is driving the vehicle through driver ID tags. Harsh braking and acceleration can be ascertained via GPS or CANBus. To cut down on the costs, you can also use tracking products that keep a check on fuel consumption, like the TomTom Link 105.

    HGV Trackers

    HGVs have an open FMS Gateway that let you track fuel consumption, fuel intake, service intervals and diagnostic lights. If the FMS gateway is not available or open, you can use Squarell Flex for the same purpose (subject to vehicle compatibility).

    Use Tachograph Interface

    Get access to your Tacho dashboard via tracking software you have anywhere and anytime. However, for remote downloads please note that the Tacho has to be generation 2 digital Tacho, version 2008 onwards (either Stoneridge or Vdo). For example, the TomTom Link 510 provides both past and real time information on the location, condition and movement of your vehicles and Tachograph. Working hours, fuel consumption and driver performance can be tracked and viewed through vehicle FMS. If vehicle FMS is not open, then the Squarell Flex can be used for the same purpose. Please check for compatibility by giving us a call.

    Provide Global Coverage

    Not just limited to the UK, some vehicle tracking systems offer worldwide tracking so you can view vehicle location and distance from destination at any time. This not only helps you manage tasks effectively but also offer a better service to your clients.

    Enable Communication between Truck and Trailer

    Squarell Trailer ID offers a communication system that provides information about sensor integration, braking systems and cooling units on both the truck as well as the telematics system.

    Give us a call today and we’ll help you compare different vehicle tracking and fleet management systems from renowned vendors who are leaders in the telematics industry. We also offer installation and fitting services by expert technicians and our experienced engineers and support staff are always available to guide you in case you need any assistance, advice or guidance.

  • Learn How Installing Vehicle Trackers Lowers Maintenance Costs

    Vehicle tracking is not an expense – it is an investment that brings in value and returns for your fleet business in the long run.

    As your fleet size grows with your business, the repair and maintenance requirements also increase, resulting in higher upkeep costs for the company. Sudden breakdowns and malfunctions can make you lose business and more importantly affect the reputation of your business in the market.

    Vehicle Trackers to the Rescue!

    For businesses whose fleet covers long travel routes constantly, having a comprehensive vehicle tracking system can be a lifesaver. With GPS tracking and online reporting, these devices can organise your maintenance schedule, keep track of vehicle condition, mileage and engine deterioration, and alert you to any repairs and upkeep needs.

    They also:

    • Let you plan routes and trips.
    • Save on unnecessary mileage
    • Improve fuel consumption.
    • Track driver performance.
    • Identify speeding and unsafe driving.
    • Detect illegal driver behaviour.
    • Offer compliance with industry standards of work hours, health and safety.
    • Bring down payroll and admin costs.
    • Ensure that you aren’t charged for unnecessary overtime.
    • Give you access and total control over your entire fleet of vehicles regardless of their size and location.
    • Provide carbon footprint tracking so that your business remains green and environment friendly.
    • Reduce insurance premiums.
    • Allow checking of diagnostic lights via computer dashboard (on certain tracking systems).
    • Come with geofencing feature. For e.g., if there are certain areas that you don’t want drivers entering, you’ll receive warning alerts via email and also get app-based notifications when the vehicles move into that zone.
    • Let you stay connected to the driver interface. Tracker vision products offer fleet control and two-way communication between your desktop and the driver module.
    • Provide Driver ID.
    • Give accurate data for HMRC, for both private and business mileage.
    • Have powerful reporting suites showing driver scoring across the fleet. This is a good way of educating bad drivers.
    • Offer dash cam integration.
    • Provide immobilisation feature on LCV and cars (if applicable).

    We have a very talented and experienced team that works on installation and specialises in immobilisation of high performance and high value cars motorhomes.

    • Alert on parts removal. For example if you have a truck with a tow bar and let’s say a piece of the plant is removed and towed, you will receive an alert.
    • Have systems that are compatible with Android, iOS and Windows.
    • Give email notifications on reports (if required).

    Lowered Administration Costs

    With comprehensive fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions, you can get customised online reports on fuel consumption, number of hours worked, efficiency and driver performance, journey itemisation and much more.

    Getting information about Driver ID and Private and Business Mileage means no unnecessary overtime charged, no need for manual recording and better payroll management for the business.

    Better Insurance Premium

    Most insurance plans require that you submit regular maintenance details of your vehicles. A good tracking system that is insurance approved keeps you updated on the condition of the vehicles and helps avoid breakdowns. This means cheaper insurance renewals in the long run. Many insurance companies stipulate on better safety considerations, improving driver dynamics and prefer fitting dash cams to even non-insurance approved vehicles to bring down premiums.

    Reduced Fuel Usage

    You can track the fuel usage as well as driver behaviour, working hours and delay times through a good fleet management and tracking system. Our recommendations in this area are those by Tracker, Masternaut or TomTom. With tracking systems in place you can ensure that employees aren’t misusing the vehicle allotted to them and there is no overcharging or miscommunication involved.

    HMRC and Taxation

    Companies in the UK have to keep a record of the vehicle mileage for HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) that highlights time duration when the vehicle was used and for what purpose. You can avoid huge tax payments and penalties with the help of a sophisticated vehicle tracker that automatically compiles and curates legitimate and accurate proof of the vehicle’s personal and business mileage.

    Geo Fencing

    If there are certain areas that you don’t want the drivers move into, you can highlight them. In case a vehicle enters in these areas, you’ll receive warning alerts via email and also get app-based notifications (Available on iOS, Android and Windows).

    At Vehicle Tracking Tech, our foremost goal is to help our customers find the best deal. Give us a call and our support team will share more information on how to choose a vehicle tracker that offers good price and custom security and tracking tools that take your business to the next level.

  • Reducing Insurance Premium with Car Tracking Devices

    There are more than enough reasons to install a car tracker, especially if you are buying a new personal car or even for corporate employees. Some providers have a condition that approved car trackers need to be installed to qualify for insurance. Telematics devices installed in the vehicle allow it to be tracked via GPS, making them less likely to be stolen and thus are preferred by insurance providers.

    Here are some reasons why you should install a car tracker and get reduction in your insurance premium:

    Get Automatic Driver Recognition Advantage

    When you go to an insurance company, the first thing they’ll do is calculate your premium based on the value of your vehicle.

    Keyless vehicles (no key to insert in ignition barrel) like Audi, BMW, Landrover, Mercedes and Porsche are most likely to get stolen. Having an insurance approved tracker installed in these vehicles can result in lower premium, because of a technology called ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition). If ADR is enabled on your tracker, you’ll get a call if the vehicle is moved without your permission. This feature lets you track these cars and recover them quickly and accurately.

    In Cat 5 tracking devices, there are some products in which even if the key is not present, they will not let you start the car. (Please call us before purchasing this product for more information).

    Anti-Jamming Capabilities

    Car trackers in UK these days are more than just primary defence for your vehicle. You can choose from a wide range of sophisticated car tracking systems like Tracker Locate and Tracker Monitor and that not only let you detect the position of your car in case it gets stolen, but are also configured for driver recognition, immune to jamming and able to provide 24 hour monitoring and remote sensing.

    The better security system you have in your car, the higher are chances that it would be recovered in case it gets stolen.

    Faster Recovery

    In case your car does get stolen, you can locate its position accurately around the globe through the tracking device installed in your car.

    You can also buy car trackers in UK with advanced features like vehicle immobilisation (available in Cat 5 trackers), using which you can stop the car via a secure operating centre if it’s been started without your permission and the ignition has been turned off.

    European and Worldwide Cover

    Tracking coverage is not just limited to UK - European cover and worldwide cover is also possible. It all depends upon the fact that the police authorities in question have the required agreements in place.

    Security Features for Fleet Managing Products

    There are fleet tracking and management products available that may not be insurance approved, but come with value added features that can help you avail insurance discounts.

    These fleet products come with in-built reporting tools that record driver behaviour. The reports are then submitted to the fleet operator/manager regularly. However, these products don’t have tilt and motion sensors, but may come with the additional capabilities of of ADR, vehicle immobilisation and access to secure operating centre in case of theft. (This only applies to CAT 5 trackers).

    Other Value Added Features

    • Car trackers with advanced tilt and motion sensing technology alert you instantly if your car is moved without your permission any time of the day.
    • Some CAT 5 and CAT 6 trackers are app based, which means you can track vehicle location in real time and get alerts on vehicle tilting and motion on your smartphone.
    • You will get tow away alerts if the vehicle is towed or been put on back of a low loader without your permission.
    • The police support feature provides location information to authorities so the car is found as soon as possible.
    • Many fleet tracking products have in-built reporting tools - these reports are sent regularly to the fleet operator and can be submitted to insurance providers. Even though they have no tilt and motion sensors, they can still be used for tracking health and safety conditions.
    • Many thieves use jammers to block GPS sensing, but car trackers with VHF technology continue transmitting signals making it easier to detect. Furthermore, VHF technology lets you find the car even if it has been parked in an underground location or containers.
    • Some noteworthy products in this regard are Tracker Monitor, Tracker Locate and Tracker Cat 5 Plus for vehicles and Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve and Tracker Plant for Plant and Machinery.
    • Tracker Plant comes with anti-jamming VHF technology, which means that it can be tracked in underground locations that GPS can’t detect. Some Plant Tracking Products can even immobilise engines, verify delivery times to the site and come with geofencing alerts.
    • If you don’t have a tracker installed and fail to recover the vehicle, you will get the money from the insurance company but the renewal will come with a definite price hike.

    Contact us at Vehicle Tracking Tech for advice and suggestions on finding the right car-tracking device for you with custom features in a budget friendly price.

    With over 20 years of experience, we have Thatcham approved engineers and technicians on board who will take care of everything from suggesting you the best quality trackers to installing it in your vehicle.

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