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How Tracker Vantage S7 Protects Keyless Cars

Even though the overall percentage of car thefts has gone down significantly in the UK since the 1990s, West Midlands is facing a car theft epidemic. In a recent set of figures, the police and crime commissioner revealed that the number of car thefts in West Midlands has tripled since 2015. The Commissioner was blunt about what he blamed for such a startling rise in car thefts—keyless cars.

Ever since the popular manufacturers began implementing the keyless feature in their cars, security experts have expressed concern over the security gaps that exist in the technology. It has become ever so easy for car thefts to order electronic kits online and use them to hijack keyless vehicles. Due to the high rate of theft incidents, some insurance providers now charge higher premiums for keyless cars. But fortunately, there are vehicle trackers available that could protect keyless cars from theft incidents.

Tracker Vantage S7 tracker has features that could prevent keyless cars from being stolen. In cases in which they do get stolen, Tracker Vantage S7, if installed professionally, has built-in features that could help the police recover your vehicle promptly.


Merger of GPS and GSM Technologies

Tracker Vantage S7 combines GPS and GSM technology, which provides better location coordinates. While the GPS system uses the satellite system to pinpoint the location of your vehicle, GSM technology uses the signal strength and triangulation to provide location data with reference to the base station. The combination of GPS and GSM means that even if your vehicle is taken to a remote location, Tracker Vantage S7 will keep sharing the location data, helping the Police recover your stolen vehicle.


Backup Battery and Motion Alerts

Tracker Vantage S7 comes with a backup battery that keeps the vehicle tracker operational even after the external supply has been cut short. If the external power source is disconnected, Tracker Vantage S7 notifies you through an email so that you can take the required action. It helps ensure that car thieves do not hijack the power system of your car to disable alarms and car trackers. Tracker Vantage S7 uses power from the backup battery to keep providing location information.

Every time your vehicle moves, Tracker Vantage S7 tracker ensures it does so with the ignition on. In an event when your vehicle is physically moved without ignition, it sends out an alert so that you are immediately notified.
Tracker Health Check and Tracker Touch App

Regardless of where you are on the planet, you can use the health check feature to make sure that your car tracker is working the way it should. If there are any errors or problems, the health check feature will let you know. On top of this, you get access to the Tracker Touch App using which you can find out the precise location of your vehicle. There is also an option to set a 200m Geo-fence. If your vehicle gets out of that Geo-fence, you will receive an immediate alert. Since Tracker offers Europe-wide coverage, your car remains under protection even when you take it abroad making Tracker Vantage S7 tracker an ideal tracker for protection against a host of threats.

As keyless cars grow common, car thieves will continue to exploit the security gaps that exist in their systems. That is why it is vital that car owners use the right kind of vehicle trackers to reduce the risk of car thefts and thereby reduce their insurance premiums.