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Why Choose Vehicle Tracker Over a High-End Security System?

As criminal gangs use their technical knowledge to identify and exploit the vulnerabilities in the security systems of modern vehicles, vehicle theft numbers are going up. Although there are certain precautions that you can take to decrease the likelihood of your personal vehicle from being stolen, it is impractical to apply the same security measures to your fleet.


Since you cannot apply the same painstaking measures to dozens of vehicles in your fleet, it is important to have a more feasible option in place. Over the years as the number of vehicle thefts has gone up, many a manufacturer have come up with different solutions. Fleet operators with deep pockets can pay for individual security systems on each of their vehicles. But there are more economical ways that could in certain cases provide an improved security system of your fleet.


Using something as simple as a vehicle tracker could help ensure that your vehicles are protected against thefts. In cases where theft has occurred, a vehicle tracker could increase the likelihood of vehicle recovery. There are several reasons why using a simple vehicle tracking solution is a more practical option than high-end security solutions.


Lower Costs

Vehicle costs make up a significant part of any business’ expenses that operate a fleet. Thus there is no reason to pay for and install high-end security solutions in all of your vehicles if a vehicle tracker would suffice. Depending on the type of vehicle tracker you select, you can install it wherever you want inside or even outside a vehicle. If you want certain special functions, many trackers offer the facility to add accessories. Depending on the protocol used, you can install additional accessories to have your vehicle trackers perform special functions.


Mobile Vehicle Tracking

Once you have installed trackers in your vehicles, you can connect them to a mobile phone app to stay updated on their location round the clock. Not only that, you can set individual parameters to receive alerts and push notifications when one of the vehicles breach them. Whether it is Geo-fences or speeding alerts, you can stay on top of the status of your fleet without even having access to a computer. It makes vehicle tracking a feasible option to manage your fleet on the go. Regardless of where you are, all you need is a smartphone with Internet connectivity and you can find out the status of your fleet with a tap.


Easy Install and Uninstall

Vehicle trackers are easy to install and uninstall. If you have a vehicle at the garage that you are not going to need for a week, you can take the vehicle tracker out of it and easily install it in the replacement vehicle. High-end security solutions are hard to install and uninstall and you would thus face problems taking them out of the old vehicle and putting them in the new replacement. If you are using a two-wire simple install vehicle tracker, you can install it within a few minutes.


As a vehicle theft could put a strain on any business’ finances, it is important that you have a security solution in place to protect your assets. Vehicle trackers are a convenient and economical option. Rather than spend huge amounts on high-end security systems, you can spend only a fraction of their cost and ensure the safety of every vehicle in your fleet.