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  • Do Electric Cars Need Car Trackers? Yes! Here's why

    The benefits that electric cars offer to the environment and their owners are innumerable but the most prominent ones include lower carbon emissions, reduced reliance on fossil fuels, and lower fuel costs to use and maintain the vehicle. Despite the momentous breakaway that electric cars offer from the era of fossil fuel burning, there are still similarities between modern electric cars and traditional gasoline-based vehicles. One of those similarities is the need for a car tracker. As car thefts skyrocket in the UK, it is essential that car owners take the necessary steps to protect the investment they made into purchasing their cars—electric or otherwise. Even though electric car manufacturers are opening new frontiers into what is possible through utilization of green energy, the tracking systems they offer remain woefully inadequate compared to the vehicle trackers available in the market. Here we have listed some of the benefits that an electric car tracker offers to their owners:

    Round-the-Clock Monitoring of Your Vehicle

    Since GPS trackers allow you to create a virtual geo-fence for your vehicle, you can receive an instant notification whenever your electric car travels outside your set parameters. For example, if you are sleeping in your home and your electric car parked outside is stolen, you wouldn’t know that your car is gone until you wake up in the morning. Plus, as electric cars make little noise when they move, you cannot exclusively rely on the noise factor to alert you of a theft. With a car tracker, you can set parameters for the night and rest peacefully in your bed knowing that if anyone tries to steal your car, you and the local police will be immediately notified. With an electric car tracking system in place, you greatly increase the chances of vehicle recovery even if the vehicle is stolen, which could significantly lower the insurance premium you pay on your electric vehicle.

    Tracking the State of Charge

    Through an electric car tracker, you can easily monitor the state of charge of your electric car. You don’t need to power up the engine to find out whether or not you have enough charge to make a specific trip, you could be sitting in your bedroom and find out through the web-portal whether or not you need to charge your vehicle. Even if you are on the road and the charge goes down, an electric car tracker would locate the nearest charging stations so you could refuel the car battery.

    Better Trip Planning

    Even as electric cars become more popular all over the UK, the number of charging stations are still nowhere near as common as gasoline fuelling stations because of which each of the long trips that you intend to take on an electric car has to be planned and optimized. Failure to do so could result in you being left stranded in a remote area with a dead battery on your car having to call the local police to come to your assistance. With an electric car tracker, you can follow routes that are the most efficient in consuming the least amount of charge to travel the longest possible distances and on which charging stations are a common presence.

    Despite all the advancements electric car companies such as Tesla have made, you still require a GPS tracker to make the most out of your investment. As our transport system transitions onto green energy, the infrastructure required to aid electric car drivers will take time to get properly implemented. To work within the existing infrastructure, a GPS tracker for electric car goes a long way in minimizing the problems you could potentially face.

  • Don't Drive Around Without a Dashcam Even If You Have a Car Tracker

    Given the number of vehicles on the roads in the UK and an ever increasing number of accidents, there are very few excuses for those who still drive around without a dash cam. What used to be amenity has become a necessity yet a vast swathe of public still remains unconvinced. In this article, we list 5 points to explain the growing importance of dash cams.

    Resolving Accident Disputes

    Once the initial shock after an accident wears off, very rarely does the guilty party own up to their negligence and mistake. When the police come, each of the parties involved presents their version of events. With no substantial proof to examine, the police are prone to judgingly the victim as the guilty one. This could result in blemishes on your driving record, penalties in the shape of increased premiums by your insurance provider, and even legal jeopardy. In such a situation, many a victim wish they had installed a dash cam on their vehicle, but unfortunately, it’s too late.

    To avoid getting into such a situation, every driver must seriously consider installing a dash cam if their pocket allows. Even if they have to make cuts in other areas of life to save enough to afford a dash cam, they should do it. Ideally, you should ask your car dealer for advice to purchase a dash cam. It is possible that your vehicle financier might even extend you the credit to install a dash cam.

    Know What Happens to Your Vehicle When You are Away

    Car thefts in the UK are on the rise. Last year alone, there were almost a million cases involving car thefts. Some dash cams come with sensors that probe the movement around your vehicle and begin recording as soon as they sense anything unusual. With such a dash cam in place, you can rest assured that your car is safe. As soon as someone tries to break into your vehicle or unlock the door, the dash cam would begin recording and even live-stream it if they have the functionality. Upon being alerted instantly, you can notify the police and thus increase the likelihood that your vehicle remains safe. Having such security measures in place could even result in lowered insurance premiums as the risk posed to your insurance provider is reduced significantly.

    Monitor Your Kids’ Driving Habits

    It’s not all about you when your kids take your vehicle out for a drive with friends; you can monitor their driving behaviour. If they show-off to their friends or go into an area that you do not approve of, you can contact them instantly to knock it off. Identifying areas such as parallel parking where your child needs improvement could prevent a dent on your vehicle and your neighbour’s.

    Recording Your Trip

    Many a time you see family on a road trip using a phone camera to record a journey. Recording video while holding a phone for hours on end could interfere with the enjoyment of a road trip. Dash cams offer a great alternative. They can record every scene on the road and even those taking place inside the vehicle without aching your arms. With an extendable memory in place, they could record days’ worth of footage. Blackvue DR750S-1CH is a good choice for this purpose. It records videos with full HD 1080P and has extendable memory so you don’t have to worry about memory being full. A high-quality video shot from the right angle would ensure that you could have the experience repeatedly by playing it on the screen at home.

    Given the way our driving patterns and modes of driving have changed, it is vital to have an all-seeing eye that captures everything that happens around your vehicle whether your vehicle is travelling on the road or is parked outside your home.

  • How GPS Car Tracking Can Protect Your Classic Car

    Classic cars are like old wine, the older they get more expensive they become. Because of this, they never fail to attract the unwanted attention of car thieves. Depending on the connections of the thief, he could sell individual parts of a classic car for a higher price than you paid for the entire vehicle. Since the majority of the classic cars were designed before car trackers became so prevalent, they lack the structural and wiring mechanism that accommodate trackers. Even though it is vital that you install a tracker on your classic car to protect it against thefts, however, there is a multitude of steps that you must also take to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

    Use a Manual Transmission

    The number of people who know how to drive a car with manual transmission is falling rapidly. Part of the reason is auto companies’ focus on automation whether it is through automatic transmission or self-driving cars. Thus, a classic car that employs manual transmission works dually as a return to the golden age of driving and as a deterrent to those who may want to deprive you of your valued possession. Though most classic cars employed manual transmission, there is a growing trend of hobbyists who want to own the classic cars but are not too big on driving a manual transmission. If you care about the security of your vehicle, you should fight the urge to move them onto the automatic transmission and learn to drive the manual transmission.

    Be Careful with Where You Leave Your Classic Car

    Research shows that a significant number of classic cars are stolen from dealerships, garages, repair shops, and restoration shops. By looking around on the internet to read reviews from those who have had their classic cars repaired at different shops might be a good place to start to locate shops that are the most secure for your classic car. Failing to research a shop properly before dropping off your vehicle for servicing and repair could lead to thefts, and it could take months or never to recover your treasured classic car.

    Another area from where thieves could steal your car is your own garage. Dozens of incidents take place every year when a classic car is stolen right under its’ owners’ nose. To guard your vehicle against thefts, make sure your car’s doors are locked, and keys are placed somewhere away from the vehicle. Even if your garage doors are locked safely, keeping keys away from the vehicle is a good practice.

    Install a Classic Car Tracker

    Last but not the least, installing a car tracker in your classic car is a must if you want to protect your vehicle. Many a time despite taking precautions, owners are deprived of their classic cars as thieves transport these vehicles to underground garages nearby and sell it part by part rather than as a whole. It makes it particularly difficult to recover or locate the stolen vehicle. By having a classic car tracker fitted into your car would ensure that you are aware of its’ whereabouts and can thus inform the local authorities immediately when your GPS detects an intrusion.

    Upon buying a classic car, taking steps to ensure its’ safety should be your priority.

  • How is Autowatch Ghost is Different from Other Vehicle Trackers

    Autowatch ghost is one of the leading car trackers out there that protects your vehicle against hacking, key thefts, and keyless cloning, among many threats. Where most other trackers work by tracking the location of your vehicle in real time and alerting you when they detect a forced intrusion, Autowatch ghost works by preventing the engine from starting in the absence of your unique pattern code.

    Autowatch ghost doesn’t operate through fobs, tags, or LEDs and does not emit any radio signals, so there is no way for thieves to detect its’ location or even know that it is installed in your car. It remains silent and undetected. The way it works is that it lets you set a changeable PIN code that you enter through the buttons that are already fitted in your car such as the door locks, volume keys etc. Once the PIN code has been set, you will need to enter it before your engine starts. If Autowatch ghost does not detect the correct PIN code you had set, it will not let the engine start.

    This kind of technology is particularly useful for the latest luxury vehicles that operate without keys. Using the kits available on Amazon and eBay, keyless cars can be easily stolen. By relaying signals from the fob to the car, thieves trick the car into thinking that the fob is nearby and then start the engine. Autowatch ghost protects against thefts of this kind by asking for the PIN code even when the fob is near. If thieves somehow relay the signal to the car and are successful in unlocking it, they wouldn’t be able to start the engine and drive off. As the number of keyless cars being stolen in the UK skyrockets, Autowatch ghost is one of the best options available for car owners who take the security of their cars seriously.

    Autowatch ghost is not exclusive to keyless cars; it offers security features for vehicles with traditional ignition as well. Suppose, a key to your classic car was stolen or cloned, thieves would have unfettered access to your car and could easily unlock the doors, fire off the engine and drive away. But if you installed Autowatch ghost on your vehicle, thieves wouldn’t be able to do so. They might be able to unlock the car doors and put the key into the ignition, but they wouldn’t be able to start the engine. Autowatch ghost would prevent the engine from starting unless they entered the unique PIN code that you had set.

    Due to its’ size and the fact that it emits no radio signals, car thieves cannot easily locate and bypass it. Even though Autowatch ghost operates on simple technology, it needs to be fitted and wired correctly or else it might not work properly. Vehicle Tracking Tech has a team of professionals with years of experience under their belt who can install Autowatch ghost in your vehicle adequately.

  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Dash Cam

    Dash cams are immensely beneficial to the drivers regardless of the type of vehicles they drive. Footage captured on dash cam can help resolve disputes that could cost you a lot of money and get you out of a tricky situation. Owning a dash cam is a good start but to use it to its’ full potential, you need to learn a few things to get the most out of your dash cam.

    Install a High-Resolution Dash Cam

    Dash cams come in all shapes, forms, and sizes, the most important thing is to purchase one that fits your budget and records the highest quality footage. A lot of times for one reason or another, car owners end up opting for a low-end model, and when they need to prove their innocence after getting into an accident, the quality of the recorded footage is too poor to be admissible as evidence. Thus, a low-resolution dash cam renders the primary use of dashcam obsolete.

    But if you have a high-resolution dash cam, it will record good quality videos even at night time so you can rest assured that if you get into an accident through no fault of your own, you have an electronic witness that will set the record straight with the authorities.

    Tidy Up Your Dashboard

    Once you install a dashboard, you should cut down on all the clutter obfuscating its’ lens such as various items hanging from the rear-view mirror. Failure to do so would result in footage not being recorded adequately in the event of an accident. Just like using a low-resolution camera, an untidy dashboard would undermine the primary use of a dash cam. A tidy dashboard would not only enable your dash cam to record clear footage but also reduce the items that could potentially distract you from the road, which raises the likelihood of getting into an accident.

    Ensure Dash Cam Has Enough Storage Space

    Some dash cams come only with internal storage space with no option to add external memory. If your dash cam does not support external memory, make sure you keep tabs on the internal memory left otherwise your dash cam wouldn’t record anything in the event of an accident. As a general rule, you should try to purchase dash cams that offer the option to add external devices. They do not only provide you the luxury to not have to regularly check the memory space left but also the portability factor comes in handy. To access past footages, you can only remove the external memory and connect it to your computer while to access internal memory; you usually need to take out the entire device to connect it to your computer.

    Position It Properly

    How you position your dash cam is perhaps more important than any of the points mentioned above. You should always try to cut down on how much of your dash cam footage is covered by the sky. Dash cams should be pointed on the road so that they record only the vehicles and people nearby and not the sky unless you are trying to catch a meteor shower.

    Another thing to keep in mind when positioning the dash cam is to place it in the middle of the dashboard. Setting the camera at the corner of the car could lead to distorted footage especially in low light environments.

    MIO MiVUE mount offers a good way to adjust your camera view conveniently. You can attach your high-resolution camera to it and then use its’ adjustable handle to have your camera focus on the important stuff.

    There are lots of ways to make the most of your dash cam but starting with afore-mentioned guidelines would set you on the right path. Almost every dash cam comes with a users’ manual; you should read it to understand the specifics about your particular dash cam.

  • Less Known Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Fleet Management

    Businesses that rely on their trucks, lorries, vans, or any other types of vehicle, stand to gain the most from using a fleet management system. The benefits that fleet management systems entail go well-beyond the shallow facilities such as pinpointing map locations of drivers and controlling fuel costs. In this post, we explore some of the less known ways that fleet operators and transporters can benefit from employing a vehicle tracking system.

    Increased Road Safety

    Probably the most overlooked aspect of vehicle tracking is how much it could help identify drivers who are prone to getting into accidents because of their driving habits. Using the data analytics that the tracking system provides, managers can quickly work out individual drivers who pose the most significant threat to others on the road. By taking necessary actions, fleet operators can prevent the unnecessary loss of human lives and thus reduce the liability to their business. Even if by any chance, one of your drivers gets into an accident, emergency services can be immediately notified to avert a greater disaster.

    Reduce Employee Fraud

    Handwritten records are susceptible to employee fraud and even honest mistakes. If your drivers habitually report more work hours than it actually takes them to carry out their job, you could be losing thousands of pounds every month. Having a fleet management system allows you to record the exact time your drivers spent on the road, the routes they took, and if they went over the speeding limit. Such a system allows you to eliminate the factor of misreporting and streamline the process of calculating work hours.

    Better Upkeep of Vehicles

    Fleet management software doesn’t only provide you with tracking data, but they also compile a record on the number of miles your vehicles have travelled over the course of time. This compilation of data along with a high-end tracker could alert you when it might be time for servicing your vehicles. It could increase the lifespan and efficiency of your vehicles and also help prevent injury to your drivers due to things like worn out braking system. Through fleet management, you can stay informed about the issues with your vehicle before they result in a catastrophe.

    Reduced Insurance Payments

    Transporters that employ fleet management systems are more likely to be offered reduced insurance premiums than those who operate without them. Insurance companies have room to be generous since fleet management systems significantly reduce the risk posed to them. Regardless of the size of your fleet, by installing fleet management, the amount of money you can potentially save could be substantial in relation to your working capital.

    Even though the benefits of fleet management systems are innumerable, here we have highlighted the ones that are most often overlooked but deserve no less consideration than those usually advertised by fleet management system providers. Whether you are managing a fleet of five vehicles or a hundred, fleet management can help your business run more efficiently.

  • The best car tracker for your Audi

    Best car tracker for your AudiInstall the best best car tracker for your Audi and protect your investment with a car tracker from Vehicle Tracking Tech.

    Among the most sought after cars on the market today the AUDI with its distinctive logo of four interlinked rings is near to the top with its wide range of models from the A1,2,3,4,5,6,7 to A8 plus the Q1,2,3,5,7 range and the news that the A3 Sportback with its innovative plug-in hybrid technology has been named 'Best Family Car of The Year 2017' by WhatCar? magazine.

    Unsurprisingly the A3 starts at almost £20,000 rising to well over £40,000 while the entire range begins at a ‘modest’ £14,000 rising to an incredible £130,000+. With our cars costing nearly as much today as our houses we are becoming even more aware that we must do all we can to protect them from the unscrupulous car thieves who make it their business to part us from our prized possessions. The models they favour is simply dictated by demand so we need to protect every one of them, though recent statistics show that the Audi S3 is the most stolen car in Britain with almost one S3 in every 100 ending up stolen by car thieving gangs. National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service figures show that 75,600 cars were stolen in England and Wales last year, a nine per cent rise over 2014 and the first increase in car thefts since the 1990s. The theft rate for the S3 was the highest of all, with 8.6 in every 1,000 cars – or just under one in every hundred – stolen throughout 2015 as thieves increasingly target expensive vehicles. See also: Is your car the most stolen model in England and Wales?

    These shocking statistics give us much pause for thought about what we can do to combat these thieves. The 21st century way of doing that it to fit a car tracker whose brilliant state of the art Thatcham accredited VHF technology, including GPS and GPRS, springs into action the moment your car is driven away by thieves. Hidden within the car in an undetectable place the car tracker will communicate its whereabouts instantaneously to the control centre, the police and to you giving the best chance of retrieving it before it is either broken up for spares or spirited abroad.

    Going on holiday to Europe or further afield? No problem since your car tracker will function just the same wherever you are. There is no doubt that fitting a car tracking device ensures your car is protected in the best way available. Additionally, most insurance companies will reduce the cost for including car tracking systems as part of your security measures.

    With many years of experience and with a nationwide fitting service we at VTT (Vehicle Tracking Tech) can provide the widest range of car trackers at the keenest prices you can find anywhere and we urge you to contact us as soon as possible so that we can help you keep your Audi yours!

  • Best tracker for Jaguar

    Best tracker for JaguarThere can be few vehicles on the road that are most instantly recognisable than a Jaguar; its sleek lines and gorgeous curves have made it one of the most desirable cars of all time. With prices ranging from £30,775.00 for the entry level XE through the XF and and F Type Sports models to well over £60,000 for the XJ Luxury and with the I-Pace Concept, the first ever Jaguar all electric 5 seater sports car waiting in the wings, it is small wonder that car thieving gangs seek them out too.

    Despite the introduction of keyless cars which one would have thought made car thefts less likely a recent report showed that “Thieves are finding clever ways to bypass electronic locking systems. A recent Sky News investigation found that nearly half the 89,000 vehicles broken into in London in 2013 were stolen through ‘keyless theft’, where the car is hacked electronically so it can be driven away without any need for the key. And just last week, the Met Police launched Operation Endeavour in response to a rise in theft of motor vehicles, believed to be the result of the increase in organised criminals stealing keyless vehicles using a device which bypasses the vehicle’s electronics”.

    Therefore ‘passive’ methods of protection like wheel clamps, security posts and alarms are no match for the determined professional car thief so what can be done to stop your car being stolen, never to be returned? The answer today is to have a car tracker fitted which, with its VHF/GPS and GPRS Thatcham accredited technology guarantees that its every move is tracked and communicated to the control centre then the police and you.

    This clever device, which can even result in lower insurance premiums, is secreted within the vehicle in such a way as to be undetected by the thief but will respond as soon as the car is taken away unbeknown to you. The car tracker’s signals will be beamed to the control centre alerting them and setting in motion the recovery process.

    Being able to ‘ring fence’ the precise area outside which the car tracker springs into action is an incredible advantage leaving the thief with a trail they cannot cover. The car tracker will operate just the same way whether the vehicle is stolen in the UK or abroad so for the thief there really is nowhere to hide!

    Give your fabulous Jaguar the protection it deserves by contacting Vehicle Tracking Tech (VTT) for the widest range at the keenest prices plus an unbeatable nationwide fitting service to ensure fitting can be effected wherever and whenever you wish it.

    Take a look at the Trackstar range of vehicle trackers which are recommended by Jaguar.

  • The best vehicle tracker for your motorhome

    best vehicle tracker for your motorhomeWith motor homes becoming an increasingly popular way of holidaying for families, finding the best vehicle tracker for your motor home is an important part of protecting your investment. Today a typical 4 berth motorhome commands an average price of around £40,000 with a 6 berth priced from £50,000 and beyond. Along with its increasing popularity is the alarming number of motor home thefts. One such example is the theft of a 2016 Burstner from the war cemetery in Anzio, Italy (

    How awful that would be for people enjoying their foreign holiday to come back to the car park and find their ‘home’ gone, leaving them stranded. However, recent figures show that the number of motorhome thefts is going down due to the increasing popularity of fitting motor home trackers in them.

    A motor home tracker is an ingenious 21st century piece of kit which will give your motorhome the protection it deserves and is the next best thing to employing someone to guard it around the clock. I was amazed when I watched a video of a static caravan being retrieved the same morning it was stolen since its tracker had been fitted 5 years before, was battery operated and had never had to be activated before; that’s how effective they are!

    Forget the ‘passive’ protection of wheel clamps and security posts because if you want to be sure your investment is totally protected there is only one choice: a Thatcham accredited Cat 5 or 6 motorhome tracker with built-in VHF GPS/GPRS technology. The moment anyone removes your motorhome without your permission the motor home tracker will be activated alerting the control centre who will in turn notify the police giving the optimum chance of recovery at home or abroad and can even help reduce the cost of your insurance.

    We at Vehicle Tracking Tech (VTT) have years of unrivalled experience in fitting vehicle trackers to all types of vehicles, including motor homes so for the widest range, keenest prices and countrywide fitting service at a time and place to suit you call us for a quotation for a motorhome tracker and help ensure your motor home does not become part of the stolen motorhome statistics!

  • The best gps van tracker

    The best gps van trackerAt Vehicle Tracking Tech we offer nationwide installation of the best gps van tracker to meet all your tracking and security needs.

    Your van is your livelihood and while you may take the sensible precaution and remove any tools you use in your job from it how do you protect the van itself? Well you can:

    • fit an alarm
    • fit wheel clamps
    • fit security posts on your drive or in front of your garage
    • fit a steering wheel lock
    • have the windows etched with the number plate details

    However, while these measures may very well deter the casual thief unfortunately they will not stop the determined gang who steal vehicles to order. Shockingly Amazon was blasted for selling a tool that can be used for breaking into transit vans without any damage and which unsurprisingly lead to a big increase in thefts!

    What you may very ask can be done when vehicle thieves are so hell bent on taking your property. Thank goodness there is an answer: fitting a van tracker. A van tracker is a small but brilliantly simple and highly effective device that is hidden within the van in an undetectable place and which will beam the van’s whereabouts at any given moment via its GPS/GPRS/VHF Cat 5 or 6 Thatcham accredited features.

    No matter how the thief may try to conceal the van from view, above or below ground the van tracker will know where it is and no surrounding material whether steel or concrete will prevent its signals reaching the control centre with that information being passed on to the police and to you giving the best possible chance of a speedy recovery. In many cases, it will likely lead to reduced insurance premiums. We at Vehicle Tracking Tech with many years of experience in fitting van trackers throughout the country have the widest available range at prices to suit all budgets. We can provide a no obligation quotation and arrange a time for fitting wherever and wherever you require it. Isn’t it time to take back control of your property and prevent your valuable asset from being part of the ever mounting statistics of stolen vehicles? Contact us without delay and let us help.

    Click here to view a list of our most popular Van trackers.

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