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Fleet Safety & Security

We offer a range of high quality fleet safety products designed to reduce the amount of accidents and injuries to pedestrians, cyclists, your drivers and of course damage to third party assets that can happen whilst operating HGVs.

Our products not only offer the benefit of general peace of mind and safety, they also help to minimise the financial losses that come about as a result of an accident, such as vehicle downtime, third party damages and repair costs.

In this range you’ll find front corner and side collision detection systems as well as a reverse parking aid, all of which help to improve blind spot visibility problems by providing an alert to the driver when they are at risk of collision.

For more details on any of the fleet safety and security products in this range, please contact us for assistance.

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  • VTT AACDS Front Corner Detection

    The Corner Detection system is designed to reduce vehicle and operator downtime and the reduction in accidental damage to the bumpers and near-side step assemblies during low speed and turning manoeuvres.

    With the increase of operational physical constraints on our road networks and distribution depots throughout the UK, damage to front bumpers and step assemblies can become costly, cutting into operator’s products. The Front Corner Detection system is an ultrasonic sensor system designed to warn and assist drivers of their vehicle’s position whilst carrying out restricted manoeuvres.

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  • VTT AASDS Side Detection

    With the increase of fuel costs and views on health and fitness, more and more cyclists and pedestrians are sharing the roads with our vehicles.

    With this in mind and the blind spots down the nearside on larger vehicles, the dangers of accidents causing injury and deaths have increased. We have all had it where a cyclist will nip up the inside between the curb and the vehicle. If this is not seen by the driver then the cyclist is virtually invisible.

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  • VTT Marker 90

    The VTT Marker90 system is an independent LED reverse parking aid that is specifically designed for use on 7 tonne rigid bodied lorries and HGV trailers to assist the driver when reversing. This system aids to prevent accidental damage and injuries.

    The Marker90 is unlike the conventional reversing systems that have a buzzer or, a reversing camera system with a monitor fitted in the cab of the vehicle which is wired from front to back or in some cases wireless.

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