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RoadHawk cameras are the UK’s leading insurance approved black box recording systems. Founded in 2008 by DCS Systems Limited, RoadHawk has been at the forefront of vehicle camera technology since the launch of the RH-1 forward facing camera pioneering in the development of total event data recorders (TEDR).

Designed in the UK for commercial and domestic vehicles, RoadHawk manufacture a full range of quality black box camera systems that capture video, audio, GPS and G-Force information.

Today, still based in the heart of Cornwall, their highly skilled and dedicated team continue to develop the most innovative and reliable video driver protection systems on the market.

Take a look at our range of RoadHawk vehicle cameras and accessories below. If you require any assistance please call us on 01274 733 633.

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  • RoadHawk adhesive window mount

    Replacement Adhesive Window Mount

    Replacement sticky window mount for the RoadHawk HD-2, HD & DC-2 camera systems. It is supplied with a 3M VHB sticky pad designed to give a super strong bond between the camera mount and your window.

    (inc VAT)

  • RoadHawk Bullet R+ Moto

    Bullet R+ Moto Edition

    The Bullet R+ Moto Edition is designed for motorcyclists, motorsports, quads and other motorised vehicles. The camera is aerodynamic, discrete, robust and waterproof making it suitable for any conditions. The camera is perfect for recording time and date stamped evidence in the event of an incident or simply to relive picturesque rides in stunning HD. A hard wiring kit is included, meaning the camera can operate automatically o the ignition feed of a vehicle. The added remote control, vibration power alerts and laser alignment make the Bullet R+ Moto Edition one of the market’s easiest cameras to use. The camera also comes with all the mounting solutions required to attach the camera to a motorcycle or crash helmet.

    (inc VAT)

  • RoadHawk DC-2

    The camera works on a loop recording system, overwriting the oldest files as it records.  If it detects an impact, the camera creates an ‘event’ file. Event files are not overwritten unless they exceed 40% of the capacity of the memory card, at which point the oldest file will be overwritten first.

    Options include: GPS antenna, remote event trigger, alarm output trigger (to fit many tracking systems), locking box and suction mount.

    This product is available as supply only or with nationwide installation by our engineers.

    Key Features:

    • Full HD 1080p Video Recording.
    • High quality sensor providing excellent video quality and tuned for low light sensitivity.
    • Gyro balanced image stabilisation
    • SD XC compatible (4gb to 64gb)
    • External GPS antenna connection
    • External Audio input connection
    • 1hz GPS Receiver
    • A5s processor for high quality H.264 encoding
    • User controlled video bit rate setting
    • User controlled G-Force, audio input and Speaker volume settings
    • Audio can be disabled
    • New vertical mount designed to have the lens of the camera sitting closer to the screen of the vehicle minimising reflection
    • 1/4" standard camera mount thread for use with numerous camera mounts and grips.
    • Low level algorithm for detecting SD card errors and warning the user of any potential problems.
    • Alarm input for remote triggering events and output for communicating with tracking devices.
    (inc VAT)

  • RoadHawk Easy fit hard wiring adaptor cable

    Easy Fit Hard Wire Adaptor

    This is an addition to the hard wiring kit and is designed to fit in-line at the rear of your vehicles’ aux plug socket allowing the hard wiring kit to simply plug into the vehicle wiring loom. The Easy Fit hard wiring adaptor cable enables any of the RoadHawk forward facing cameras to be tted to a vehicle without cutting into existing wiring and potentially a ecting vehicle warranty.

    (inc VAT)

  • RoadHawk Event / alarm button (DC-2 & HD-2 only)

    Event Button with Telematics connection

    Compatible with RoadHawk HD-2 and DC-2 camera systems and offers the same functions as the remote event button with the added bene t of connection to a tracking / telematics system (please check compatibility), o ering the opportunity for the data centre to know when the camera has created an event.

    Cable is 5m.

    (inc VAT)

  • RoadHawk GPS Antenna

    A Spare GPS antenna for the RoadHawk HD Dash Camera system. Also compatible with RoadHawk DC-2 camera.

    (inc VAT)

  • RoadHawk Hard wiring kit | Input: 12 - 32v Output: 12v

    Hard Wiring Kit

    Hard wiring kit for the RoadHawk HD-2, HD & DC-2 camera systems. Cable is 5m long and includes an inline fuse and 12v regulator allowing the camera to be connected to any 12-32v DC system.

    Input: 12 - 32v Output: 12v.

    (inc VAT)

  • RoadHawk Locking Box

    The Locking Box solution for the RoadHawk HD and RoadHawk DC-2 dash cameras prevents any user from removing the SD card or the power cable from the camera without using the supplied key.

    (inc VAT)

  • RoadHawk Manual event button (DC-2 & HD-2 only)

    Compatible with RoadHawk HD-2 and DC-2 camera systems to allow events to be triggered manually, remotely and discretely. This means lorry drivers can activate the event function without reaching for the camera and taxi drivers, without the passenger noticing.

    Cable is 5m.

    (inc VAT)

  • RoadHawk Suction Mount

    The newly developed suction mount for the RoadHawk HD and RoadHawk DC-2 black box cameras. Now you can move your camera from vehicle to vehicle without having to be worried about adhesive mounts remaining on your windscreen.

    (inc VAT)

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