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Mercedes-Benz Trackers

Mercedes-Benz Trackers

Mercedes TrackerVehicleTrackingTech is your premier one-stop-portal to buy, compare and get the best manufacturer recommended Mercedes Trackers installed in your vehicle.

As with all luxury vehicles, Mercedes-Benz, is unfortunately the most risky car out there when it comes to theft. Protecting your Mercedes is therefore important, and we recommend that you get the best tracking system out there to make it happen.

We Install the Best Mercedes Trackers Across the UK

VehicleTrackingTech is a trusted and renowned name in UK when it comes to buying and installation of the best vehicle tracking systems on the market. With our long list of satisfied clients, experience over two decades, and wide range of the best Thatcham approved, manufacturer recommended tracking systems, you can count on us to get the best Mercedes Tracker for your car.

What will a Mercedes Tracker Do to Protect Your Vehicle?

A powerful Mercedes Tracker will guard your vehicle against theft and ensure fast and effective recovery so you can avoid:

  • Potential damage to your car
  • Loss of insurance claim and excess bonus
  • Increase in insurance premium
  • Additional costs of car hire
  • And more hassle!

Best Car Tracker for Mercedes Benz – Tracker CAT 5 Plus and Tracker Locate

TRACKER is a brand synonymous with perfection in the vehicle tracking industry, and is the manufacturer recommended theft protection device for Mercedes-Benz. Tracker is globally renowned, and Tracker Cat 5 Plus and Tracker Locate Cat 6 are highly recommended for Mercedes drivers. Both come with features like GPS and VHF technology tracking, tamper alerts, jammer alerts, motion sensors and online tracking via the TRACKER website.

Tracker Cat 5 Plus has ADR (Automatic Driver Recognition) ID tags and Remote Immobilisation features for an extra layer of security. Plus, it also provides health check messaging, business and personal mileage reports and a 48-hour vehicle recovery guarantee. (Conditions apply)

Click here to find out more about the full range of features for Tracker CAT 5 Plus and Tracker Locate.

We also install the best Mercedes Benz Trackers on your doorstep or place of work. Contact us now for suggestions, guidance and advice on comparing and buying the best trackers for Mercedes-Benz.

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  • Tracker Monitor (Cat 7)


    Tracker Monitor is a high quality Very High Frequency (VHF) tracking device and is currently one of the most cost effective trackers on the market. This system is insurance and Thatcham CAT 7 approved and is supported by the police force nationwide. Tracker Monitor works in the UK and abroad in Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Holland and Luxembourg.

    (fully fitted, inc VAT)

  • Tracker Locate

    Tracker Locate is currently the most advanced and unrivalled tracking system available on the market. It uses cutting edge tri-technology to provide three different tracking methods (GPS, GSM and VHF), so that stolen vehicles or assets can be recovered as quickly as possible.

    This is a premium quality tracking device that is approved by all major insurers and car manufacturers, including Lexus, Mercedes and Toyota.  Tracker Locate is Thatcham CAT 6 approved and the system provides tracking coverage in the UK and throughout Europe.

    (fully fitted, inc VAT)

  • Tracker Cat 5 Plus

    Tracker Cat 5 Plus is one of the world’s leading tracking systems, designed to stop even the most persistent or professional car thieves. This device is Thatcham CAT 5 accredited and actually surpasses the criteria for CAT 5, meaning that this is one of the most favourable trackers on the market today.

    The Tracker CAT 5 Plus benefits from GPS / GSM tracking along with ADR and VHF technology plus anti-jamming security features.

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