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Caravan Trackers

At Vehicletrackingtech, we strive to provide highly reliable and technologically advanced caravan trackers throughout the country. Unfortunately, in the recent years the incidents of caravan theft have increased in the country. This mandates that you undertake enhanced protection for them by using a caravan tracker.

What we do?

We provide the caravan tracking units that use ultra-modern technology to track your vehicle as and when it is required. These vehicle tracker units are unquestionably the best solution for recovering stolen caravans. These units use a very high frequency technology, enabling the police to locate and recover stolen caravans, and hence offer an ultimate level of security.

Using the latest technology to track Caravans, our range of Caravan Trackers that are widely approved by the UK police force include ‘Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve’ and ‘Trackstar Leisure’. Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve deploys Very High Frequency (VHF) technology which enables police to retrieve stolen caravans even when they are concealed inside containers, lock-ups or have been shipped somewhere abroad. This vehicle tracker device has been specially designed to protect non-powered or infrequently used vehicles. On the other hand, Trackstar Leisure caravan tracker consumes very less power and comes with an optional Internal Motion Sensor alarm.

Other than caravan tracking units, some of the most popular and widely demanded vehicle tracker units available with us that are particularly designed for high value and luxury vehicles such as luxury caravans, motorhomes and classic cars include Cat5 Tracker, Cat 6 Tracker, Cobra Trak Plus, Cobra Trak 5, Cobra Trak 6, Meta Tracker and various other vehicle trackers suitable for different types of vehicles. These are Thatcham and insurance approved vehicle tracker devices that will protect your vehicle from key theft. The units are known for delivering exceptional tracking performance and up to 95% vehicle recovery guarantee.


Some of the unique features of these caravan tracking devices encapsulate:

  • The caravan tracker units are operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • The advanced tracking system passes on a radio VHF signal when the vehicle is moved around without its key
  • These vehicle tracking units help in reducing your insurance premium and the protection is accessible all across Europe
  • Fitted by Thatcham Approved Installers: Installation of these vehicle trackers is done by highly experienced and certified engineers
  • We offer nationwide installation, right at your doorstep
  • Battery Backup: These Vehicle Tracker units come equipped with an integrated battery back up in the event of the vehicles battery being disconnected
  • Motion Sensing Alert: These trackers have in-built motion sensors that send out alerts about the illegal movement of the vehicle
  • Caravan Tracker pinpoints the exact location while using GPS and GSM
  • Nationwide Installation services available in area like London, Leicester, Birmingham, Chelmsford, Cambridge, west Bromwich, Nottingham, Manchester, etc.
  • Low Battery Alert Feature
  • Battery Disconnect Alerts

So if you're looking for reliable, efficient Caravan trackers then you need to look no further than Yourtracker. We provide superior quality Thatcham approved tracking systems from leading manufacturers across the UK. If you have any questions or need advice related to our vehicle tracking units, please don’t hesitate to call us at 01274 733 633.

Caravan Trackers

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  • SmarTrack Caravan Protector

    Caravan Thatcham Category 6 with smart phone app.

    This tracking system/tracker It is ideal for all Caravans, Fifth Wheels and Static/Port-a-Cabins. Fully fitted by our Thatcham approved engineers at your home or place of work.

    Monthly Direct Debit subscriptions available. Minimum term 12 months. The first month’s payment is paid upfront to SmarTrack once the device is fitted.

    (fully fitted, inc VAT)

  • Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve

    Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve is a high quality and cost effective stolen vehicle tracking system. It’s been specially designed to protect non-powered or infrequently used vehicles or assets such as caravans, quad bikes, trailers, horse boxes, catering vans and classic cars.

    (fully fitted, inc VAT)

  • Vodafone Asset Defence


    The compact, cost-effective solution for recovering stolen business property.

    The easy way to protect your assets. Vodafone Asset Defence is a simple and cost-effective way to recover stolen assets.

    Please note, this product is available as supply only or with installation.

    (inc VAT)

  • Tracker Monitor (Cat 7)


    Tracker Monitor is a high quality Very High Frequency (VHF) tracking device and is currently one of the most cost effective trackers on the market. This system is insurance and Thatcham CAT 7 approved and is supported by the police force nationwide. Tracker Monitor works in the UK and abroad in Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Holland and Luxembourg.

    (fully fitted, inc VAT)

  • Meta Trak Caravan Track 6

    Meta Trak's new innovative tracking solution for caravans. Identifying whether the caravan is being towed by the owner or by a thief has always been a challenge with caravans.

    Meta Trak’s latest Thatcham Cat 6 approved caravan tracking product includes an ID-Tag that allows the system to distinguish between authorised and unauthorised towing.

    Please note the fully fitted price includes 1 years service subscription.

    Resubscription Costs

    • 1 Year - £100
    • 3 Years - £250
    (fully fitted, inc VAT & 1 years service subscription)

  • Meta Trak Caravan Lite

    Meta Trak Lite, a simple, low cost tracking solution which is also available for caravanning customers. Offering on-demand tracking and instant alerts. At only £99.95 for 3 years' subscription, it's an ideal option for customers just searching for security and peace of mind.

    Meta Trak Lite provides a position on demand function via the easy to use smartphone app and website portal. Meta Trak Lite is only available with a 3 year subscription and is compatible with the ​T30 and the new T75 telematics siren.

    Features Include:

    • Instant alerts for unauthorised movement & low battery
    • Historic Journey Information
    • Geo-fencing
    • European coverage
    • Alarm trigger notification

    Please note the fully fitted price includes 3 years service subscription.

    Resubscription Costs

    • 3 Year - £99.95
    (fully fitted, inc VAT & 1 years service subscription)

  • Trackstar Leisure

    Protect your Caravan 24/7 with the Trackstar Leisure caravan tracker. This low power consumption caravan tracker can run for up to 1 year on a fully charged leisure battery.

    An optional Internal Motion Sensor alarm is also available to alerts the 24/7 Trackstar Monitoring Centre of any unauthorised movements.

    (fully fitted, inc VAT)

7 Item(s)

per page