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Tracker Cat 5 Plus

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Tracker Cat 5 Plus is one of the world’s leading tracking systems, designed to stop even the most persistent or professional car thieves. This device is Thatcham CAT 5 accredited and actually surpasses the criteria for CAT 5, meaning that this is one of the most favourable trackers on the market today.

The Tracker CAT 5 Plus benefits from GPS / GSM tracking along with ADR and VHF technology plus anti-jamming security features.

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Product Description


How Tracker CAT 5 Plus works:

Tracker CAT 5 Plus offers an unequalled level of security for premium and high value vehicles. Tracker’s cutting edge Very High Frequency (VHF) technology works together with GSM and GPS tracking to recover your vehicle quickly in the unfortunate event that it is stolen.

Even if your vehicle is stolen using your own keys, the Tracker CAT 5 Plus is set to alert Tracker’s HQ. Unique driver identification tags are provided with this tracking device to detect any unauthorised use of your vehicle. It has a built in motion sensor to detect movement without the keys being present too.

In the case of an alert, Tracker will contact you to confirm the theft and then work with the police to recover your vehicle as fast as possible. The Tracker CAT 5 Plus uses GSM and GPS pinpoint tracking to access the location of your vehicle using computer maps. If your vehicle is being kept in a lock up or container, Tracker’s VHF technology can still help to provide a location, meaning that you’ll have a good chance of getting your vehicle back quickly.

Once located, Tracker will send a uniformed guard to wait with your vehicle until it can be returned to you.

In addition, when you purchase the Tracker CAT 5 Plus, you’ll be given access to the My Tracker website – where you can view information about your vehicle online, including security alerts, journey information and route maps.

Main features of Tracker Cat 5 Plus

  • One of the world’s best tracking systems that uses cutting edge technology
  • Offers GSM, GPS and VHF technology to aid the fast location and recovery of your stolen vehicle – meaning that your car can be located even if being kept hidden away in a lock-up or storage unit
  • Unique driver identification tags are provided to ensure your vehicle is protected against theft even if your own keys are being used to steal your vehicle.
  • Provides anti-jamming detection to stop thieves using GPS/GSM jammers
  • Offers coverage through Europe
  • Built-in motion sensors detect any unauthorised movement of the vehicle and provide a silent alert to Tracker’s Secure Operating Centre

Fully backed by the UK police force who will liaise with Tracker to retrieve your vehicle

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Tracker Touch App

Tracker Touch App

TRACKER Touch allows you to track your vehicle, manage your account and unlock some great offers and services at a touch of a button. IMPORTANTLY it's a quick and easy way to report the theft of your vehicle.

There are many great services available exclusively through TRACKER Touch Download the app and unlock all the services accessible to you FREE as a TRACKER customer.

TRACKER Touch is only available for TRACKER Locate and TRACKER Cat 5 Plus products.

Tracker Touch App Services

Report a theft

Reporting a theft couldn't be easier, all the information you need is available right here, simply click 'CALL TRACKER NOW'.

Report an accident

In case of an accident click on the 'Report An Accident' button to connect to TRACKER's appointed accident management team. They will guide you and make this a hassle free process.

My Account

View your personal and vehicle details. If your personal information needs updating you can do this in My Account.

Help and Support

Need to get in touch with TRACKER? You can find helpful contact information to make it easier to get in touch.

Social Media

Keep up with the latest news from TRACKER. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Tracker Touch App Protection

Protect My Car

You can protect and unprotect your car by pressing this button – when your car is 'protected' the lock will show as GREEN and RED if this service is turned off.

Set a Geofence

When you press 'Protect My Car' this creates a geofence of 200 meters around your car from its current location. If your vehicle is moved outside the set perimeter you will be alerted by email. You can disable this feature at any time by pressing 'Unprotect my car'.

Tracker Touch App Check Health Status

My TRACKER system

Peace of mind knowing you can monitor the health of your TRACKER system at any time using TRACKER Touch.

My vehicle battery

TRACKER Touch not only allows you to monitor the health of the TRACKER system but also the health of your vehicle battery to ensure you can take any necessary action.

Tracker Touch App Find My Car

Route to my car

Have you ever parked somewhere and forgotten where you parked? Now you can use 'Route My Car' to navigate your way back by following the compass direction.

Show on a map

Use the 'Show on a map' feature to see the vehicle location on your preferred map and use directions from here to navigate back to your car.

Vehicle Crime Rating

Leaving your car parked up in an unfamiliar area? Want to know the vehicle crime rating in your area? TRACKER Touch will provide a vehicle crime rating based on your vehicle's current location.

Tracker crime area location
Tracker system health
Tracker Geofence
Tracker report vehicle stolen

    48hr recovery guarantee means:

    Subscription will be refunded if the vehicle with in 48 hours


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