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Trafficmaster Trackstar

At Vehicle Tracking Tech we offer free nationwide installation of Trafficmaster stolen vehicle tracking systems.

Trafficmaster Trackstar (also known as RAC Trackstar), offer the latest in GPS stolen vehicle tracking technology. If your vehicle is stolen, Trackstar trackers enable you to recover it in the shorest time possible.

Trackstar trackers are installed as standard in to some of the world’s leading car manufacturers. Trafficmaster Trackstar stolen vehicle trackers are approved by Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover and BMW and are approved for installation throughout the UK automotive industry.

Manufacturers that recommend Trafficmaster Trackstar Trackers:

  • BMW
  • Jaguar
  • Range Rover
  • Land Rover
Trafficmaster Vehicle Tracking

Recommended by:

Trafficmaster Manufacturer Recommended

Take a look at our range of Trafficmaster Trackstar vehicle tracking products below. If you require any assistance please call us on 01274 733 633.

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  • Land Rover Trackstar

    Protect your Land Rover or Range Rover with the Land Rover Trackstar vehicle tracker from Trafficmaster, as recommended by Land Rover dealerships.

    Land Rover Trackstar is a Thatcham CAT 6 covert electronic device installed in your vehicle. It utilizes state-of-the-art technology, such as GPS, GSM and a unique integrated motion detector in order to accurately locate your Land Rover or Range Rover.

    (fully fitted, inc VAT)

  • Land Rover Trackstar Advance

    Land Rover Trackstar Advance is a Thatcham Category 6 Land Rover and Range Rover tracker with driver recognition tags as well as all the features found on the standard Trackstar. The Land Rover Trackstar Advance unit creates an alarm to the Trackstar Control Team if an unauthorized person attempts to start the vehicle.

    Trafficmaster trackers are recommended by all Land Rover and Range Rover dealerships.

    If you have an Electric or Hybrid car, please contact us at 01274 733 633
    (fully fitted, inc VAT)

  • Land Rover Trackstar CAT 5

    The Land Rover Trackstar Cat 5 incorporates state of the art vehicle tracking with the added benefit of a Driver Authentication Device. If the device detects that an unauthorized person is driving your Land Rover or Range Rover, the Control Centre is alerted.

    The Land Rover Trackstar CAT5 is Thatcham Category 5 accredited and represents the best possible protection for your Land Rover or Range Rover.

    If you have an Electric or Hybrid car, please contact us at 01274 733 633
    (fully fitted, inc VAT)

  • RAC Trackstar CAT5

    The RAC Trackstar CAT 5 from Trafficmaster is a top of the range vehicle tracker which will protect your vehicle from key theft. This system is Thatcham and insurance approved and provides pan-European coverage (with support from the police in over 44 countries).

    (fully fitted, inc VAT)

  • RAC Trackstar TM470

    The RAC Trackstar TM470 from Trafficmaster is one of the UK’s bestselling GPS tracking systems. Trackstar uses the latest technology to thwart car thieves and locate stolen vehicles quickly.

    Trackstar is Thatcham TQA and CAT 6 approved as well as being insurance approved - installing and using this tracking system could provide the added benefit of lower insurance premiums. This tracking system is suitable for all makes and models of cars.

    (fully fitted, inc VAT)

  • Trackstar Leisure

    Protect your Caravan 24/7 with the Trackstar Leisure caravan tracker. This low power consumption caravan tracker can run for up to 1 year on a fully charged leisure battery.

    An optional Internal Motion Sensor alarm is also available to alerts the 24/7 Trackstar Monitoring Centre of any unauthorised movements.

    (fully fitted, inc VAT)

  • Trafficmaster Trackstar Advance

    Trackstar Advance by Trafficmaster is a top of the range tracking system which benefits from new innovative driver identification and anti-key cloning technology, designed to combat sophisticated methods of car theft. This tracker is Thatcham CAT 6 approved and supported by major insurers.

    Trackstar Advance offers all the tracking features of standard devices in the market such as GPS and GSM technology but also provides a range of added security features aimed at preventing electronic thefts, which are becoming more frequent these days.

    Driver recognition tag immobilisers are not compatible with all vehicles. Some vehicles with a start button do not have an ignition supply circuit that is live until the engine is running which is required to pre-activate the tag reader. Please check with our sales team before purchasing.

    If you have an Electric or Hybrid car, please contact us at 01274 733 633
    (fully fitted, inc VAT)

  • Trafficmaster Trackstar TM470R

    The Trafficmaster Trackstar TM470R is especially designed for the tracking of stolen Plant and Agricultural machinery. It's rugged design and real-time GPS tracking make it the ideal solution to combat plant machinery theft.

    (fully fitted, inc VAT)

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