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At Vehicle Tracking Tech we offer free nationwide installation of Tracker stolen vehicle tracking systems.

Tracker vehicle tracking systems provide an effective way to protect your car, bike, caravan or HGV from theft. With over 20 years experience in the vehicle tracking market, Tracker is the only vehicle tracking manufacturer that is supported by all 52 UK police forces.

Tracker uses a unique tracking signal that unlike GPS only trackers, cannot be jammed by GPS and GSM signal jammers. This also enables vehicles that have been hidden in lockups and containers to be accurately located and recovered.

Take a look at our range of Tracker vehicle tracking products below. If you require any assistance please call us on 01274 733 633.

Tracker Vehicle Tracking

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  • Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve

    Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve is a high quality and cost effective stolen vehicle tracking system. It’s been specially designed to protect non-powered or infrequently used vehicles or assets such as caravans, quad bikes, trailers, horse boxes, catering vans and classic cars.

    (fully fitted, inc VAT)

  • Tracker Cat 5 Plus

    Tracker Cat 5 Plus is one of the world’s leading tracking systems, designed to stop even the most persistent or professional car thieves. This device is Thatcham CAT 5 accredited and actually surpasses the criteria for CAT 5, meaning that this is one of the most favourable trackers on the market today.

    The Tracker CAT 5 Plus benefits from GPS / GSM tracking along with ADR and VHF technology plus anti-jamming security features.

    If you have an Electric or Hybrid car, please contact us at 01274 733 633
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  • Tracker Locate

    Tracker Locate is currently the most advanced and unrivalled tracking system available on the market. It uses cutting edge tri-technology to provide three different tracking methods (GPS, GSM and VHF), so that stolen vehicles or assets can be recovered as quickly as possible.

    This is a premium quality tracking device that is approved by all major insurers and car manufacturers, including Lexus, Mercedes and Toyota.  Tracker Locate is Thatcham CAT 6 approved and the system provides tracking coverage in the UK and throughout Europe.

    (fully fitted, inc VAT)

  • Tracker Monitor (Cat 7)


    Tracker Monitor is a high quality Very High Frequency (VHF) tracking device and is currently one of the most cost effective trackers on the market. This system is insurance and Thatcham CAT 7 approved and is supported by the police force nationwide. Tracker Monitor works in the UK and abroad in Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Holland and Luxembourg.

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  • Tracker Plant

    Tracker Plant is specifically designed for construction and agricultural vehicles and equipment. Tracker Plant features fleet management functions and stolen vehicle tracking.

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      Key Features:

    • Suitable for Electric and Hybrid vehicles
    • Meets the Thatcham Category S5 - Vehicle Tracking Systems
    • Motion sensor
    • Driver tags to verify driver identity
    • VHF and GPS technology for full European tracking coverage
    • Part of TRACKER Mesh network
    • Access to TRACKER Touch app
    (fully fitted, inc VAT)

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